Indoor Triathlons

Hi everyone,

Has anyone ever done an Indoor Triathlon? It consists of a run on a treadmill, an indoor row and a distance on an exercise bike. Sounds quite interesting if you can only train in gym over the winter.



  • I've heard of a row, then bike then 10k run. 

    Sounds like it takes the fun out of it (transition..image)

  • Ah, someone else tried to stand on their wettie to get out of it and fell over eh SLAW?
  • I have not braved an OW swim yet Dustboy.  I feel it is on the cards for next year.  There are too many good ones near me!  And as for standing on the wettie and falling over goes with out saying image
  • seems good fun but what excuse is there for not getting out in winter ?
  • I saw an indoor one on TV a few years back, somewhere in France I think it was.  It was at a velodrome that had an indoor running track within it, and then they'd put in a temporary swimming pool inside the running track. I can't remember the distances they did, but it was obviously of the sprint variety.
  • I've heard of a row, then bike then 10k run. 

    As in, row with the other half?

  • LOL Trickster image

    I probably accidently posted the truth!

  •   I did one about two years ago. They gave you the choice of what order you wanted to do it in which made it a bit more interesting. I opted for bike, run , row. All on machines, made for an interesting diversion, especially in winter.
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