Swiss Ironman Place

Hi Guys and Girls

 Basically I have a place in IMCH which I no longer want for quite a few reasons (one not being I'm bottling it, I'm entering IMUK as soon as it opens!!! haha)

 Anyway I cannot get a refund for this unless I can produce a medical certificate, which I cannot but I'm healthy.

 I can however transfer the place to someone else but I am looking for some form of payment for this.

 If anyone is interested please contact me and we'll see what sort of arrangement we can come to, I'm not looking for the full price of the place somewhere maybe around 150GBP, if there is a lot of interest I might sell on ebay.

 As I said any questions please ask



  • find a tame medic to write you a med cert
  • anyway - IMCH is far superior to IMUK - don't know why you want to change
  • yeah serves you right!
  • 1) I've just started my first job since uni and think maybe I should try and apply myself

    2) Travelling to Switzerland means I have to take holiday (thus my girlfriend will too, I think that would be selfish much like the whole ironman experience is)

    3) I have exams to take for my job in July, not ideal

    4) I recently completed IMUK and wanna go back and go quicker

     5) Faking a medical certificate, don't think that's a great idea and what if they discover there is something wrong with me!!!

     Yes it does serve me right, youngsters eh, one day I will learn!!!

  • you forgot

    6)I dont want to do an IM on a properly measured course and find I am not as quick as I thought image

  • switzerland is full isnt it ? i am sure someone will have it but all the pirates are off to IMF - try tritalk ?
  • The Paris marathon requires a medical cert too (over-zealous French law) which is one of the reasons I didn't enter it, despite living there at the time. However a friend came over from the UK to run it and had just got his brother to write a letter certifying he was fit (in English) which he showed to the officials. Apparently they didn't really care and it's just a formality.

     Whether the Swiss are the same I don't know....

  • Under Swiss law you are an consenting adult who can take resposibility for your own actions, so no medical certs required.

    You will how ever get/need it is a law a little sticker on your bike called a "vignette" this is your 3rd party libability insurance... so if you scratch someone Porche or Ferrari as that is all we drive here image you are insure for it.

  • Hmm ... three weeks after IMF. Wonder if the budget, body, and marriage would stretch to 2 IMs within 3 weeks ...image
  • go on do it kanga
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