Strapping Ankle

I am running in a 4.5m race in the morning, but am still getting some pain in my ankle, following a sprain about 2 weeks ago. I don't want to drop out of the race, and so thought I could strap it up for the duration. Does anyone no the best type of ankle support, or the best way to strap it up. Thanks


  • each time when I have sprained my ankle I have used just the basic elasticated sports support bandage thingy ...  not an expert but it works for me

    ankle bandages are done in a figure of 8, firm and even and not too tight but I think I may have practised before hand?

  • If its support you need was told, double tubigrip from below the knee joint to toes otherwise no earthly good!  That was by a nurse!  I slipped on wet leaves 5 years ago and went over on my ankle.  She told me if I was going to be silly enough to race best strap it well.  It was okay but had to disguard a sock 1/2 way around.   My trainer too tight. 
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