Tops that don't rise up


I like to wear capri's while running and not shorts,but the only thing is that whatever I wear on top rises up as they are the same sort of shiny material.

So I have been wearing different cotton t shirts - not ideal I know.

Any suggestions,and tucking the top in the capris isn't an option as my belly is not flat!

Thanks in advance xxx


  • I like the Ron Hill fitted vest tops. Ive a couple and had no problems. Lovely and comfy and wash nice to. No ironing required, bonus!
  • The only tops of mine that ride up are those that are too small?

  • I might try Ron Hill then,yes I suppose that could be it,I have been buying in my normal size maybe it would be best to buy a size bigger?
  • I have found the same problem. I do have a flat (ish) tum and some tops ride up (right size too) whaty I do is pin the front down works a treat and very comfy. I always double pin like that for races too. If you only pin the front you can still P without taking pins off!

    I would go for a size that fits you, forget what it says the size is, if it moves pin it down! 

  • Another vote for Ronhill tops. I've worn a few other brands (Nike, Reebok) and the majority end up riding up and making me inadvertantly flash my tum!
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