Wedensday Session

What: am 4M recovery run
Why: hard session last night
out at 5:50 am slow but good to stretch my legs.
What: pm 8M steady
Why:I like running!

I'm off for breackfast now. Enjoy your running or resting today.


  • Yesterdays cross training was 50 minutes hard mountain biking. Its starting to get quite chilly now and darker in the evenings - I suspect I'll be reverting to indoor training within a month. Bohght some new winter training gear to console myself.

    What: Hour run including 10 x 550 fast (c.1:48 avg) with 2 minute recovery.
    Why: See if knee can handle some speed training - will abort if feel any material pain.
    Last hard day: Sunday
    Last rest day: Friday

    Still toying with the idea of running a 30k race on Sunday (18.6 miles). Course is off-road and helfully (NOT!) described in the literature as "not easy but not hard" - what the hell does that mean! Anyway as I'm scheduled for a long run this weekend it may represent the ideal opportunity for a decent run out with drinks stations etc.
  • Motivation is not coming easy - only 6 miles last week. I'm supposed to be clocking a month of 20 milers before going into a race build up program so rather disappointing.

    After some forum support I did 4 last night so I hope today will get me back in a rythme.

    What - 4m
    why - cause I want to see if I can enjoy it
    last hard a week last Sunday
    last rest - Monday
  • What: Steady maintenance run, 5-8 miles depending on how I feel, after work this evening.
    Why: Rest day yesterday and long run tomorrow. Legs still ache a bit.
    Last rest day: Yesterday.
    Last hard day: Sunday.
  • What: long run - hopefully around 2 hrs, but will need to take water/energy with me for first time
    Why: Programme says so
    days since last toughie: 2 (set myself an evil 30min treadmill programme on Monday all speed and hills)
    days since rest: 1 (yesterday)

    suspect a long run today will do for me for a good 10k time on sunday when I was hoping for a first ducck under 45mins

  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    What: (am) swim (pm)10miles easy
    Why: part of my weeks training plan
    Last hard: Mon
    Last rest: Sat
  • What: (AM) 6 miles real easy, (PM) Core weights plus x miles coaching beginers at the club
    Why: If you read yesterdays thread, you know why! I'm bushwacked!
    Last Hard: Tues
    Last Rest: Mon
  • Hey Mij, good to see you here. Bravo.

    What: repeated the 750 swim, just to show it wasn't a fluke. Almost showed it was. Almost but not quite.

    While walking the dog tried two 50m jogs. Scary. So if it's the right sacroiliac is gone, why is the left leg dead. (The right hand is too, has been so for some time.)

    Am already taking anti-inflammatories. Nothing else to throw at the lurgy.

    Was planning a 12M cycle ride, in two stages with some work at the sailing club in between, but I will reserve judgement on that. Progress is not all I could wish it to be.
  • Woke up at 5am as planned for 6-7 easy miles, but the legs still feel quite tired (long run on Monday / intervals Tuesday)
    so decided for the first time to follow the sensible route and take an extra days rest, after all I don't want to feel shagged out for Sundays GSR.

    Instead got daughter ready for first day at 'big girls school' (she's 4 1/2).
    Couldn't get rid of me and the missus quick enough , am I an embarassment already ?

    May do an easy run tonight if I feel energetic , although tomorrow I've pencilled in an hours fartlek as last toughie before Sunday.

    blah blah blah
  • Hi all. Had a great run last night with hubbie instead of the club handicap. Ran really fast and felt pleased about that having done 10 miles on sunday. Felt really good and refreshed afterwards which cleared the glums.

    What: swim at lunchtime
    Why: starting to taper before Robin Hood half on the 15th
    Last hard day: yesterday
    Last rest day: saturday

    Any suggestions on how much to taper would be gratefully received, i.e. 50%/75% of usual weekly effort?
  • What:
    AM - 1500m very easy swim
    PM - Up to 4 miles very easy plodding
    Why: Legs feel good but don't want to overdo it
    Days since last hard run: Sunday
    Days since last rest: Yesterday

    Entered the Amsterdam marathon last night as fancied another marathon before winter training. Not for another 6 and a bit weeks so should be OK. Managed to convince the girlfriend into running the 10K on the same day as well so she doesn't feel too left out. Cant wait :o)

    RR: As for the taper I like doing 70% and then 30% of my weekly mileage in the last two weeks. Remebering not to decrease the intensity but just the distance.

  • Shouldn't really run today as I have a slight calf strain. However, there's a bloke at work that I've been trying to get to run for ages now and he's brought his kit. He has run before at lunch times and is young and quite fast but has just given up fags 3 days ago and wants to start again so I'm going out for a quick (ish) 4 miles or so.

    After that I'll assess the calf situation and decide whether to rest. I suspect I may have to stop for a week or so, which is a nuisance as I've just got back the urge to take it more seriously again.

    I was hoping to go for a PB at Windsor but now - who knows??

    All the best,


    P.S. Well done Mij for getting back on track. Marj, just keep up the good work...
  • What: am - toddlersitting whilst wife at gym
    pm - hope to do 8 miles of intervals 1 warm up then 8 x 800m with 400m recovery then 2 easy.
    last hard day: Sunday
    day off: yesterday
    just trying not to give in to the panic attacks with my first marathon in Dublin not too far away.
  • I just don’t know what to do today; I was supposed to go swimming at lunchtime and turbo trainer tonight


    Last night I did 4mile @ 80%MHR and I felt like I’d ran 10-miles afterwards – sore legs and all – I think the weekends race took more out of me than I’d thought


    I’m going to miss the swim but I don’t know about the turbo session – it’ll depend on what soap the wife happens to be watching - If I do it will be an easy spinning session as I have to drive to Milton Keynes in the morning (4.5hr drive – but I’ll get to run somewhere new)

  • What: 6 ish miles easy - our club handicap race
    Why: last run for me B4 GSR
    Last hard day: Sat
    Last rest day: Mon - my planned Mon run never happened! Yesterday was a gym day, did an hour of boxercise, good workout!

    RR just read yesterdays thread - I reckon you need to change clubs! I can't believe people have the cheek to tell others they are too slow. I have been lucky with the clubs I have joined (several as I have moved with work) and they always make sure the back marker has someone to run with/ faster runners doubling back etc
  • what: ~10K easy
    why: am due an easy one - also throat feels the way it sometimes does just prior to going down with bug

    last hard day: Tue
    last rest day: Sat
  • What: 21 mile bike
    Why: Midweek ride
    Last hard run: Tuesday
    Last rest Day: Monday

    Felt decent eventhough last nights workout was tough. Think I'll train as per usual this week then taper next week prior to Robin Hood on the 15th.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    It's looking good for the weekend!

    Didn't get out last night due to wife not getting home until too late so did my tempo run this morning.

    I've been using the same route since I started running. This time last year I was doing the 4.2 mile hard section in 28:30, equivalent to about 6:45 pace.

    Today's aim was to do it in 27 minutes, or thereabouts. This would give me a psychological boost for Sunday's race as I'm aiming to run about 5 minutes faster than last year.

    After the usual 15 min warm up the 1st mile was reached in 5:25 (mostly downhill with one very steep section). Mile 2 (mostly flat )in 6:05. Mile 3 ( (mostly uphill) in 6:35. Final mile (steep uphill section into headwind in 6:44) Final time 26:22 or just over 6:15 pace.

    Can't ever remember feeling this good and can't wait until Sunday.

    Is the major revamp to my training routine 4 weeks ago starting to pay off?
  • Drew - Well done, sounds like you're really flying, good luck for Sunday.

    What: 15 miles steady
    Why: midweek long run
    Last hard day: yesterday
    Last rest day: Monday
  • What: Loooonnngg Run
    Why: Wimped out last night and went to the gym & for a swim instead.

    I know I'll probably not be completely recovered by Sunday, but getting round the Marathon is really important to me now. I know I will be able to do the half, and probably quicker than before, due to increased training miles, even if I haven't tapered properly.

    I enjoyed my session at the gym last night - first one in ages - so I'm not dreading the dark winter nights quite so much now :-)

    Marj, I hope you get back on track soon; sounds like you've had a frustrating few days.
  • Drew-

    That sounds like a hell of a run. Getting faster all the time..good luck for Sunday.

    I actually ran just over 5 miles in the end at around 8 min / mile pace. (v. slow compared to most it seems.)

    Anyway the calf didn't get any worse and i feel soooo much better than after yesterday's disaster.

    All the best,

  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    RB, glad the calf didn't get any worse and 8 min miles are not slow. Happy running!
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    RB, yesterday was almost certainly an off day. We all get them, from time to time.

    By the way, 3 years ago I rarely managed to run under 8 min mile pace. Just shows what you can achieve with an effective and purposeful training programme.
  • What: 4.3 mile club run
    Why: Last run before GSR (and actually could go to sleep instead)

    Last hard day: Monday
    Last rest day: Yesterday
  • Drew

    I agree dedication and consistency makes a hell of a difference. My half marathon time went from 1:37 at the beginning of '93 to 1:22 mid way through '94. Now I'm trying to do it all again! - half way there but I expect to be running low 1:20's by the end of next year.

    Best of luck for your PB this weekend.
  • what: Nothing
    why: slight knee/calf strain/pull playing squash - taking it easy

    feeling probably good enough to ease into a 10k pace 5 miles (that's 45 minutes if i'm still fit enough).

  • Drew and Martin,

    Pretty much agree that the dedication and consistency will inevitably improve my performance. Right now I'm a little torn. Mrs RB runs at 10+ min / mile. I'm trying to get her to increase speed etc. as we both want to do the FLM together (entry permitting). So far I've run all the races with her as I've been worried about her getting round and trying to keep her motivated. BB 1/2 was not a good one and nor was Blackpool - until the end... (Drew, you saw us crossing the line in around 2.20).

    If I'm fit, I would like to go for a PB at Windsor but if Mrs RB is in any way feeling doubtful then I'll run with her.

    I guess I need to find one or two races just for me to run or agree to run separately.

    I still have 2 goals in mind for this year. Sub 1.45 for 1/2 and sub 45 for 10K. Not sure if the 10K is achievable but I really think I might make the 1/2 target if I get some serious training in.

    Boy what a ramble -- apologies to all..

  • What: my first gentle 3 mile run for four weeks (broken toe) and then some interval work on the treadmill.

    I feel so cheery, it's been really difficult to stay motivated when I haven't been able to run.
  • Glad your calf problem isn't as bad as you thought it might be, RB.

    I run 10+ minute miles too, and would be delighted to have Mrs RB's company next time we find ourselves on the same starting line - I'm not doing Windsor, sadly, but don't expect to be any faster than that over marathon distance by next April.

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