to run or rest, foot to front of shin pain

I have pulled something where the top of my foot joins my leg. It is really difficult to describe.  I rest for a couple of days but inevitably the pain comes back.  Sometimes it seems to radiate out from this area up and around my shin bone.  It's difficult to wiggle my foot around etc.  I ice it and take ibroprufen but it just won't clear up. Should I say take a week off to see if that fixes it.  Trouble is I hate taking time out for so long.  I try to run three to four times a week usually.  I think this has been a problem for about 3-4 weeks now.  It may have started with dodgy shoes which I have now replaced or maybe it was just a strain.  Please advise if you can although I know this is  fairly vague


  • Hi, I had pretty much the same symptoms back in April, front of shin and painful even walking but no noticeable tender area, I think rest is your best bet until it clears up.  I initially limited activities to cycling but even that caused pain and so stopped and rested totally except for stretches. 

    Mind numbingly boring & seemed to show no improvement for 4 weeks despite a few physio sessions, then suddenly improved overnight.   Then went to pick up unrelated calf problems image

  • How long have you been running for? If sounds like some kind of ligament/tendon strain to me. As it's been bothering you for the last month I think you should just bite the bullet and stop running for a couple of weeks. Otherwise you risk turning an otherwise minor injury into something more chronic that could take months to recover from. You won't lose that mcuh fitness.

  • thanks for replys

    It does feel like a ligament/tendon strain.

    Ihave been running for three and a half years and apart from the first year have been fairly lucky - always able to run through the odd niggle.

    Will take some time out now as it's just not clearing up.  After three days rest I think all is well then head out and after a couple of miles back it comes.

    But a week or even two weeks without running - yikes, will probably murder children and brain partner with frying pan.

    Hope I can still run up the steep hills round here after such a break!

  • I should go to a sports physio if I were you. I can recommend Anne at Exeter Sports physio, and its not that sort of recommendation!
    As you know, I have suffered from injuries occasionally (don't we all!)  and its not worth hanging on hoping its going to get better. Anne costs money, but she will understand running injuries better than the local NHS physio. Anything to stop you ruining a perfectly good frying pan! 

  • Thanks for that fireman Paul.

    Tried a run after a weeks rest and after about 3 miles back it came.  Really fed up.  will consider Anne but not really convinced.  Frying pan still intact due to it being cast iron!!!

  • Mmm..I have sometimes had to rest up for about a month before things improve. How about swapping running for swimming or cycling machine while it recovers? If you can exercise without putting weight on the injury you won't lose fitness and it may just be the difference between life and death for PJ.
    These forums are a laugh, arent they. Some of the comments I have read are crackers.
  • What other exercise could I try??? and how long would i have to keep it up for to say compare with a 10 mile run?
  • Well, I'm no expert but......anything which uses the leg muscles but doesnt put load bearing pressure on the effected area. (or is that affected, english waz nevver my strong poynt)

    Swimming is supposed to be the best for injuries, which is fine as long as you like swimming, which I don't.

    Ten miles is a fair bit of exercise, so bad luck it's several hours in the gym for you. Or a long session in the pool - downside is prune-like skin. 

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