hooray, back to training after a hip resurfacing op

 I've have had the go ahead  by the doc to resume training after a period of what seems a life time of no activity.   managed to get a full gym membership all the extras including use of sauna/pool for a month £28 quid so I'll be living down there. It feels great to be  without pain 24 hours a day.   I'm going to make the most of my second time around. :0)))))


  • What grade of tarmac did they use to resurface it?

    Well done, Martin.  I hope you're back to full fitness soon.

  • M.ister W

    no no no, they use block paving now!


    well done and all the best, will be very interested to hear how it goes for you. Is there a danger of wearing bits out to quick if running long distance?

  • hummm, Hope there is no danger of wearing my bits out else I'll be in a right state:0)))) what bits are we talking about???????........... goes away to think
  • Hi Martin

    Pleased to here that. image

    You've struggled for ages haven't you.

  • Get weed killer in  - block paving is a nightmare for weeds
  • Hi Martin,

    Glad to hear that you have now had this done and are on the road to recovery.

  • thanks for all your support its much appreciated:0)))))))

  • image))))))))))))))

    so good to hear this


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