FFS! If you can't trust a physio who can you trust?

2.5 years ago I started to get a pain in my buttock when I ran up hill and this then progressed into my hamstring.  Went to physio who treated me for sciatica and very little progress made.  Left it a year but kept up with the exercises that she gave me and kept running albeit at a much slower pace, flatter routes and less mileage. As a result I lost fitness.  Then went to another physio, one that came highly recommended by GP, and I wasted 4 sessions and was none the wiser nor did I see any improvement despite working hard at the excercises given.

So with 7 weeks till New York Marathon I felt desperate for some help and went along to Harris & Ross Physio at my gym (Total Fitness) and what a good 1.5 hour session I've had and feel much more positive. They specialise with runners and they actually seemed to know what the problem is and they've come up with an action plan.

I have one functional leg longer than the other, apparently this means that it isn't hereditary but as a result of bad pelvic alignment.  Very little will be achieved in 7 weeks but they can help me on the right path for the future and give me some relief for my hamstring which is unbelivably tight.

Why oh why didn't I go to them in the first place?  Be careful there are some mickey mouse people out there!

Visit was made even better when whilst I was running on the treadmill and they were videoing my biomechanics Michael Owen stopped and watched for a second or two and some nice Wigan Rugby Club player was perched next to me on a desk asking me questions about running and stuff.  Cool image


  • But darling, Wigan are LEAGUE!


  • LOL....Mr Wigan was FIT and that is all I cared about image  Mind you I had him down as a boxer at first as his nose was a little crooked but if you squinted he looked fine image
  • lol - I'm sure he did.

     how are you, Wolfy - long time no see. You not been around much or do we just not frequent the same threads these days?

  • I'm fine Jj.  Apart from this bliddy hamstring that is!  Rarely on here these days as have to do some work nowadays but still running and occasionally see a few forumites out and about. How are you?
  • Wolfy - know what you mean, my physio IS a runner, and I train with her when I can. The experience of being able to share the problem on a "runners level" is paramount, we injure ourselves in special ways ! She's always good at treating me, although she says I don't go as much as I should do for maintenance.

    BTW, she's a physio for a rugby team as well !  image

  • I'm fine ta, Wolfy

    Stupidly busy at work too, and haven't run since May (knee finally went on strike; now on a Waiting List) but I've discovered the joys of walking, lots, up hills! Not a great deal slower than my running, to be honest! image

    Hope you get your leggie sorted soon.


  • Any word from Michael as to when he'll be better Wolfy? Watched the toon at Arsenal last night and they needed him badly
  • Wolfy!!! image

    Long time no see/hear,  bliddy good to see you're still alive and kicking, even if it is in an injured lind of way.image

    This is looking a bit like a Wolfy reunion thread! Marathong (aka Glo) might even pop in....... 

  • *lind* = kind


  • Marky yes I know what you mean.  It's funny but we go out day in and day out but don't treat our bodies to a bit of TLC for all the pounding that we give them and then wonder why we get injured!

    Pottingshed.....well he was in the room next to me and when I walked passed the door was open and he was there lying on the bed looking all relaxed and lovely and funnily enough football was the last thing on my mind!

    Jj sorry to hear that you haven't been running for so long. Mind you I love walking up hills too can imagine that you are enjoying it.  I did the Hannibal Challenge last year which is a 50 mile mountain walk over two days in the Alps and it was fab and I met loads of new friends!

    Tiggs....OHMG! How the heck are you?  So lovely to see you on here and how is marathong??? Has she been over lately and did you do Connemara?  Wouldn't it be nice to have a thread with all the old face (not suggesting for a moment that you are old my dear but you know what I mean!) we used to have such fun.  Haven't seen RichK on here for ages. Take care image

  • step effing moaning ya ginger minger and get your sorry arse out on the roads...........


    hope recovery goes well Wolfy and NY is a breeze...assumimg you're still tackling it???
  • LOL I can always rely on the support from my friends....not!

    Tee hee FB yes of course I'm tackling it.  I have been training for a sub 3.15 but that is unlikely now but hoping for a sub 3.30 image  Hope you are ok!

  • hahahaha....

    sub 3.15? - wowser - some good going there girl even if you only get sub 3.30............best of luck

    yeh - me and Petal are fine ta - in final throes of training for Ironman Florida on Nov 3 - be glad when it's out of the way as I need a break - just seems to have been non stop training since last Autumn with this and IM Austria earlier........

    stupidly looking at IM France next year as well - and then I RETIRE from long distance tri......too old and too fat and it hurts........
  • Oooh yes your mad Florida event!  Madman! Good luck and take care image
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