Handmade Christmas Cards

Hi all,

I'm a bit of a glass-painting freak, and last year I made and sold handmade Christmas cards to raise money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer, my FLM 06 charity.

I'm selling them again this year, trying ebay too. They're really good (I made almost £300 selling them last year, which surely says something!)

Have a look-


I also have other designs on there, in the form of card toppers, but these can be made into cards.

I'm offering you people free delivery if you email me for some on my address (I think it's on here!) or PM me, and put some sort of donation on my sponsorship website - www.justgiving.com/nykiesrun

It's for a good cause, all going to UNICEF and you'll love the cards, I promise image


  • Despite a) it is nowhere near Xmas, and b) you aren't supposed to flog charities on here, I think it is a very novel idea, and I like it.  Better than the usual FLM begging e-mails!

    If I don't use Ebay, how much do you want for say 50 of them?  Being a good cause and all that.

  • You don't need to use Ebay, just stick some sponsorship on my site, I really don't know how much. Last year I flogged them for 6 for a fiver, but that was face to face, I got to use my selling skills and my gorgeous looks - hehe... Suggest a donation image

    Reason I've put it on here is that I spend more time on here than on any other site, and a lot of things make me laugh or at least smile, so it was my first thought (my second thought is rlfans.com !). Grovel over image

    And doncha know there's only 90 shopping days left 'til Christmas Coops (plus the paint needs time to dry)  image

  • Oh and ps, sorry, I didn't know about not pimping charities on here image
  • I think it is not frowned upon, just if one person does it, everyone will!  image

    I'll have a think and come back to you, as I think it's a good idea.

  • well

    i am glad i saw this

  • er, so we e mail you, and then donate on the just giving site?
  • Plods:

    Yes, that's the one, and I'll paint my very best cards for y'all image

  • Oh, I also do birthday, wedding, christening (you get the picture!) as well, along with Simpsons and Disney ones.
  • As it's November, I thought I'd bump this, almost Christmas you know image

    The cards I actually make are better than the ones in the Ebay pic (linked at the top of the page), they were the first batch last year. They've evolved since image

  • Oooh, I forgot about this! 
  • So did I image
  • So that's a no from everyone then? image
  • Not me, I give you my assurances when I get back home (away for weekend) on Monday, I will donate.


  • On Coops' advice, I'll bump this (and I'll be no doubt bumping it again when my new lot are on eBay image )
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