Tops to hide tummies!

As a slightly overweight runner, I have an ongoing dilemma about tops, both for running and exercise in general!  While I've succeeded in using a great deal of weight through running, I still carry a little excess flab around my belly which I find is really emphasized by technical tops.  However, these tops are so much more cool and comfortable than bog-standard t-shirts.

Has anyone come across more loose fitting technical tops (size 14-16) that might cater to my paranoia?

Thanks in advance for any advice!


  • Have you considered a corset?

    Okay, serious answer....... don't worry about it.  No-one is looking at your belly. 

  • I'm not up on my different types of running t-shirts, although I own a couple.

    Is a 'technical' T one that is snug fitting anyway?

    I get mine from the Sweatshop and they are loose fitting on my belly.  In fact, the one's I buy are not the snug body hugging kind at all.

    Perhaps you should just go to a specialist shop and try a few on until you find one that you feel comfortable running in.

    And remember, NOBODY is looking at your belly.  If anything, non-runners are looking at you with envy.

  • The guys are right - no-one is remotely concerned about your belly.

    But - if you want to cover it up a bit, and wear something a bit girlier, these tops are cute, and nice and loose around the waist area

    Have had lots of nice comments on my blue one in the gym!

  • We all wobble and have bits that bigger than we'd like, but it really, really, doesn't matter.

    Who cares?  Who's even looking?  No-one at all.  And even if they did look, and even if they did think 'whoa! big belly!', so what?  What will happen?  Nothing at all!

    Wear what is most comfortable and what makes your running easiest, and stick two fingers up (metaphorically) to the body fascists who have you convinced that you need to hide your tummy  image

  • Well you've all made me laugh - and I do know that it doesn't matter - but it still makes me fell better not being squashed into the exercise equivalent of a corset!

    Thanks for the useful tips, I love the vest one treacle tart - lucky I've just been paid!!

  • A lot of sports wear sizes come out quite small and I think people make the mistake of thinking “If I’m normally a size X, I’m also a size X in >insert brand<”.  Mizuno, Orca, 2XU come out tiny.  I think Asics kit is quite true to size.  I think when tops ride up and expose the muffin tops they’re quite simply too small.
  • Nice Thoosa stuff !
  • (listed on the right hand side of the page) do Lite Sports gear - their t-shirts are great fabric, light and loose fitting.  The last time I looked they didn't have all sizes and colours, but they were £10 a pop, which can't be bad.
  • Even better - 3 for 2!
  • dog - if I'd been worried about my gut showing when I'm running, I would have retired years ago................
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