Hog Dash!

Anyone else think this sounds good?

I decided a couple of years to do fun events instead of flat ones where I'm frustrated at the end cos I weight a few stone more than I did when I could run 10K in just over 40 mins......

It sounds pricey but could be good???


  • Yes it does sound good..But £30 for a 7 mile offroad run!
  • I like the idea but not the price. I could do 3 or 4 other events for that money. I'm also less than keen about events where you're almost obliged to raise sponsorship. I can only go round my family and office so many times.
  • Does anyone have any information about this event, the website is lacking a little bit considering the price of entry. For the money they don't give out alot do they? There are other events like this that don't charge half as much for their entry fee, does anyone know why this event is so expensive? I like the mud and something different, but would like to know more...............................................

  • I'd be interested as I live close to Sheffield but there's no way I'm paying £30 for a 7 mile run. As Invisible Man says, there's only so many times you can hit friends and families for sponsorship. Does anyone know just why it's so expensive???
  • From my understanding, multi-sport is more than just one sport this sounds like just running, what are the other sports?  Do you get a free hose down and massage for your £30?
  • I e-mailed the organisers about the event to find out more and they were very polite but didn't give anything away. I personally think it is alot of money for nothing to be honest, there are many more events out there just as challenging if not more run by local clubs that still make money for charity, such as Terminator 10, Sucide 6, Thanet Duathlon etc, etc. So with a little internet searching and networking you can find these great events, which are half the price of this one with no doubt because they are local events more atmosphere and fun. I have told the organisers that I think their entry fee is too much and the reasons why (feeback is a gift) but they didn't get back to me, but I think it is about time we runners told the organisers that there prices are too hefity where appropriate.

  • I seriously considered this race; just what I was looking for, under 10 miles, off road and muddy, but at £30! No way. I have paid £20 for entry to the Cross Bay Half Marathon in Morecambe, and I was happy to stump it up as it was for charity, CancerCare, supporting a local hospice and with that you got a coach trip through to the start and your bags brought back. That and the registration/finish was 1/4 mile from home. Unless Hog Dash can justify its entry fee, I suspect its days might be numbered.
  • If someone who organises the event reads this, perhaps they could tell us why the fee is £30? It seems as though a few people want to enter but feel the entry fee needs explaining.

     If you get a full roast pig with an apple in it's mouth when you finish then I might consider it!

  • Hi Guys

    Thanks for your comments. I am involved in the Hog Dash event in Sheffield. So I thought that I would reply to your various threads.

    Firstly, you dont have to raise money for charity. Our company normally runs events in the charities (abseils, zip lines, mountain challenges) market but this event is for everyone. We are trying to encourage non charity competitors - this is why we are promoting the event on Runners World.

    Secondly, the event is definetly not just a running event. We are going to develop the Hesley site in to a 7 mile race course which has a variety of obstacles and challenges. It will be a cross between something you might have seen on 'its a knockout' and  a military obstacle course. The emphasis is on fun. Here is a thread to the photos from the Sufflolk event we ran a few weeks ago. The photos are only from a few of the challenges (there were another 5- 10 more) but it will give you an idea. http://www.purepix.co.uk/whsuffolk/index.html

    Thirdly, we have obviously got our marketing wrong this year so its good (although a little painful) to read your comments. The price reflects the amount of effort that goes in to building the challenges and the hire of the site (not to mention all of the other costs). 

    Lastly, the good news is that we have over a hundred competitors for this years event so, hopefully, you may all hear about it and see what a great event it can be!

    Thanks for your interest - sorry we didnt persuade you all to enter. Maybe next year? 

  • * If clicking the link above to the pictures does not work, copy and paste it in to your browser address bar and the page will come up.
  • Nice of you to come on and answer the various comments Tanya. You still never answered whether we get a full roast pig? image

  • There will be a hog roast there but I guess the only way you'd get a full roast pig is if all the other competitors are vegetarian! image
  • Hi Tanya,

    Again - thanks for taking the time out to post on the forum, it makes a change for an organiser to take note. I really like these kind of events and as I have said (once or twice) I would love to have entered it, but not at the current price, knowing how much money organisers make from races. For example, a local club down in the South-West organises a 21 miler off road, with marshalls, health and safety, picnic at the end with a bus to convey you to the start!! All for a mere 5 pounds and they still make a 200-300 profit which they donate to a local charity. So if they can do it, surely your profit measures can be reduced a little bit? To make this open to everyone. Anyway I think you have got the hint/gist of the runner's moan here, so I wish you well for you event and hope that it is successful for many years to come.

    Best Wishes. 

  • Just to say I did this race and it was FANTASTIC!

    Really enjoyed myself and I travelled up from London.  Loads of hills, water, tunnels and varied surfaces and running through woodland that had been cleared into a challenging but, pretty much clear path (in the early stages!) Then the challenging swamps with thick mud.

    Hills galore! Many Thanks to the organisers I had a fantastic time

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