Sudden collapsing leg syndrome

This is very weird.  I was doing a 10K race today, running along feeling pretty good, when at the 5k mark my right leg suddenly went sort of weirdly numb and floppy, and I couldn't lift my foot to run for a few strides.

I stopped and walked for a few steps, while it came back to life, then carried on and it was fine.  I have no ill effects now whatsoever, although my knee is a bit clicky.

My right foot occasionally goes numb when I'm training, mainly due to my ploddy running style, but its never affected the whole lower leg before.

Any ideas peeps?  If it had stayed numb then I'd have thought it was some sort of nasty neurological thing, but it went away so quickly I really have no idea what did it.


  • Were you aware of foot numbness before your leg sensation or was it simultaneous?

  • No - foot was a bit numb before.  But only in a 'running hard' sort of way
  • Ok Treacle, just wondered if it was related - if your foot was numb it would have altered the nerve innervation and mechanics of the leg.

    Assuming you've no previous problems of this kind or lower back weakness, I wouldn't worry about it. Do another run and see if it ocurrs again. If it does, I'd get it checked by a neuro physio to be on the safe side.

  • Thanks Sianceimage
  • I've had this before, not something to worry about really, it can happen when you feel your feet are dropping hard, a lot easier to feel if you wear weights when running.
    I suggest focusing on stretching your legs out and softly hitting the ground, the problem may be that you are stronger in one part of your leg so you push off hard but can't take that much strain when you land.
    When I had the problem I did try to go through it but my leg went numb so I slowed a down bit.
  • I do tend to 'thud' a bit! - thanks for the reassurance Damien.

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