Candleford Canter Ladies Only 10K



  • It did indeed arrive, delivered by another Nick!
  • I am thinking of EOD Helen - I had the Canter advertised to me when I was puffing round Hanney and thought it would be interesting to do an all-female race (never done one before!). Have been off with a wonky bum & only been back running a few weeks but if you wait 'til you're sure you'll get a good time before you do something, you might never get to do it!
  • Hi F2D, 'a wonky bum', I won't ask any more image but glad it's all ok now and you're back up and running.

    Please do come and join us... I'll be the one taking your money Sunday morning, along with Pipes (also on this thread). Its my first all female race too and I'm really looking forward to it. A chance for us ladies to run while the guys do the hard work marshalling and cheering us on.

    See you Sunday,

    Helen image

  • Hi Helen,

    Are there still places left? I would like to run Sunday as well?

  • Hi Rose,

    Yes there are places, be great to see you there.

     Helen image

  • more the merrier.

    The ladies have the easy job its us men that have a tough task keeping all the ladies under controll but beware of helen she devising a cunning plan with the lead car!!!!!!image

  • as if I would do something like that image

  • helen,

    a rope between you and the lead car is cheatingimage

    I hva also managed to secure two sports masseures who are offering free pre and post race massage

  • I was planning on sitting in the boot for a while!! image

    woo hoo, book me in for a massage then (mind you, if I 'hitch a lift' then i probably won't need one!)

  • they will be there from around 10ish till whenever they are done... Samantha and Tom are the guys you are looking for... AFAIK we will have them in race HQ so they will be easy to findimage
  • Only trouble is the boot on the car is not that big image

  • fittorun   what are you saying about Helenimage
  • I think ftr was trying to be funny..... I can't hear any laughter though! image

    Come on ladies, only 3 days to go..... 

  • This race sounds so good I'm hoping to EOD too, providing I can persuade the other half to drive me the 50-odd miles to get there, with the knowledge that (as a very speedy male runner) he'll be unable to take part himself!

    I may even have a chance of being able to sight  the lead car for a couple of kms, something which has eluded me in any previous 10km race image

  • susie,

    Your OH is more than welcome to support everyone and there are always some very tasty cakes at this eventimage so he wouldn't go hungry

    there is a rumour that the lead car may be slowed down by some extra weight in the boot

  • you trying to say I'm heavy????

    Be great to have you join us on Sunday Susie (plenty of time yet for some arm twisting of your OH) image

  • Excellent I'll be there!

  • Footman we have now changed the lead car to a van due to the boot space being to small (not that i'm saying some one may be to heavy for a car)

  • Excellent Rose image

    FTR, footman, you only need the van because you guys won't be able to walk after all the cakes you'll have eaten!

  • I was thinking of a rope plus skateboard image  Mind you I would probably fit in the boot if it came to it.
  • Bridget, not if I'm already in there you won't! image like the rope and skateboard idea though....

    All other ladies, we do like running this course really image

  • We are a fun loving running club who like eating cakes with the occasional run in between.

    New spot prize arrived washing up liquid and marigold gloves !!!!image

  • the washing up goes to the marshall who doesn't cheer loud enough- that should get you you all shouting!
  • this year the winners will get the usual little trophies and all the prizes will be as spot prizes

    so the spot prize list so far is

    yankz race lace         X12

    sugoi shorts              X4

    £20 voucher for local butcher X1

    £10 M&S vouchers    X2

    £25 voucher from Rejueve clinic towards any treatment  massage/ manicure etc X1

    £40 meal voucher for that good pub round the corner ask FTR for details X1

    foot file kits              X3

    assorted socks X given up counting

    shoe cleaning gel  X5

    so don't just leave when you finish you never know what you could win

  • I make that 29 spot prizes plus the socks so the odds look way better than either the lottery or the FLM ballot image
  • about 1 in 7 or so if everyone stays behind, assuming some won't probably about 1 in 5 image

    not quite sure how to dole them out, at the finish?, based on times? or positions? to people who are nice to me on the day? best customers? mmmimage

    oh and everyone who finishes gets their pack with foot cream T shirt and all the usual literature

    we also have Lucozade sport turning up with their van to give away a few goodies

  • footman, I'll call you about this....
  • Ladies,

    anything else we can entice you with, to run with us on Sunday? Apart from a fantastic course in beautiful Oxfordshire countryside, very, very friendly and encouraging marshals, CAKES(image), all those lovely prizes.......

  • See told you all Helen is trying to cheat .image

    she is trying to find out the position she has to finish to get the best prize.

    All the spot prizes are going to me and footman now i think that is fareimage.

  • ouch! image

    I was actually looking out for us ladies, knowing what you two are like!!!

    Never trust a man to organise anything.... image

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