Candleford Canter Ladies Only 10K



  • Thanks to all involved with the organising and marshalling.  I've never met a more encouraging bunch of marshalls and as for the encouragement I got when fighting to get a photo finish - thanks to the rest of Alchester. 

    Brilliant t-shirt, I can wear it for other purposes than sleep, and a really approprite spot prize of shoe cleaner as I am doing Hellrunner next week and expect to get filthy.

  • great event, thanks to all took part in the run and well done what ever your time was...i heard the last 3K was a bit tough with the windimage, it makes our time and effort working with the Alchester team well worth while, i hope to have some photos up on our web site as soon as the aspiring david Baily's send them to meimage

    see you all next year

  • ...just wanted to point out that if people really enjoyed the race then it might be a nice way to support it by rating it on RW image
  • Thanks for your support Embo78 image

    Is the beginner friendliness something we need to work on, 80% last year, only 60% this? image

  • me thinks the weather may be a factor in thatimage one of these days we will work out how to arrange it to be sunny with a gental breeze  on demand to cool you off when you need it
  • I blame the postal strikes for not delivering my order of sun on time! image 
  • This has to rank as one of my top races: superb marshalling, great spot prizes,  and beautiful countryside, though I suspect I was working a tad too hard in that headwind to appreciate the latter. 

    Happy indeed with my 7th placing (I was supposed to be using it as a hard training run), despite the fact that if I'd been aware that I was only 5 seconds away from being 3rd F35, I'd have tried harder image

    Huge thanks to the marshalls/organisers too for going in search of my OH, who decided to run the course (after I'd finished), unaware that all the Km/direction signs had been removed, and went off course somewhat....

  • Susie.... I'm assuming you have found him by now
  • Hallo all.

     his was my second race so I was fairly intimidated by the scarily horrid weather conditions on the day but proud to have finished in what was a good time for me (a shade under 50 minutes; know that's probably quite ploddy compared to all you speedy ladies!) Although the marshalls and organisers were very friendly and encouraging, as a lone beginner I did feel  a bit like everyone seemed to know everyone else except me!Perhaps people don't appreciate that for a beginner, even joining a running club is quite intimidating as we know that we'll probably be way slower than anyone else there!

     Perhaps if you want to introduce new ladies to running, you have to be a little more proactively welcoming?

    Anyway, I'm hooked now so I'll continue to enter races, proudly holding up at the rear!!


  • Hayley,

    you were now where near the back, there were people coming in 20 mins after you...keep up the good work, running clubs can be very intimidating places for beginners, if you are based locally give the Alchester guys a go, they are a friendly bunch on the most partimage

  • Hi Hayley

    Sorry you felt intimidated but 50 minits is not a plod around its a time to be proude of there are far far more runners behind the time you completed the course in.

    I do not class any one as a plodder as it was great to see so many new runners taking part in their first 10k run and you to should be proude of your achievement especially as its only your second 10k.

    It is a shame you do not live closer as you could join us on a Wednesday evening .

    We cater for all abilities and distances of running ,runners are a freindly bunch and you do get to know or even recognise other runners especially if they run at same pace as you.

    Now you have completed this race have ago at our other 10k on December 9th the Andy Reading 10k.

  • Hi Hayley, 

    You definitley aren't 'ploddy' coming in at under 50 mins image

    Completely agree with you about joining a club/taking part in a race where everyone else seems to know everyone else is scary (I joined Alchester just under 2 years ago without knowing anyone at all). Most runners are very friendly though, we've all got something in common even if interests/lives outside of running are very different so you'll always have something to talk about!

    Well done you for taking part in Candleford your own though and for letting us know how you feel about the event too.

    Hope you find a club to join very soon who are a nice bunch- I gather from fittorun you live too far from Bicester to come and join us.

    H image

  • Dear all

     Thanks for replying to my message- another first for me as I've never posted a forum message before either! I will definitely think about joining a local club; I had had a look at the website of one quite close to me but it did look very focussed on the high achievers rather than beginners so perhaps I 'll try elsewhere....don't know if anyone knows friendly clubs near Aylesbury?

    Will also enter the December race, all being well.



  • Might be an idea to look at Bearbrook Joggers Hayley ( I suspect you have looked at the other Aylesbury lot).  I'm one of the people who finsihed after you image
  • Hi Hayley, just one more thing, if you do enter the Andy Reading race (or even if you don't) the come and join us on the thread on here too... and if you do enter then let me know your number- you'll get an extra loud cheer of you do! image
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