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RW say the new Kinsei2 by Asics is a stability shoe. But most shops selling the original Kinsei call it a nuetral cushioning shoe. Asics say it's both. At £130 it's not worth taking a risk with, so why don't Asics make it either one or the other to stop all the confusion and then it might sell.


  • Hi,

    The Kinsei is indeed suitable for both neutral runners and those who over pronate. I am looking forward to trying this shoe and seeing just how good it is...... i will let you know image

  • I don't know about you but when i click on the link to see the "full review" link on page

    it takes me to

    Full Review: Saucony ProGrid Paramount £110

    Good hey ?! image

  • I have told support about it so hopefully we will see it soon image
  • Just received this month's mag and the Kinsei 2 has a very small feature on page 73. They play safe and don't call it either a nuetral or a stability shoe but do say that it leans more towards the stability end. I am currently near the end of a pair of Nimbus9 and don't know whether the Kinsei would be a too risky replacement. But definately need to buy a new pair of shoes very soon!
  • Sorry about the incorrect link guys - should be fixed now! 

  • i have just got them and had 2 long runs of about 18/20 miles i dont like them at all

    i have got nimbus and are far better kinsei are too hard and the sides are too high and rub on your ankles very painfull  stick with nimbus by far a better training shoe

  • Have seen the Kinsei on video gait analysis and from what I've seen, they are definitely not a stability shoe. For £130, not very impressed with them
  • I work in a specialised running store,and the Kinsei always comes up better for a neutral runner than a person that needs stability.

    My advice is try them out on a video analysis first before paying £130. 

  • I have had these shoes for 3 months now and they have cured my 'runners knee' and sore hips I always suffered  after my longer runs of up to 15 miles.I over pronate slightly as my shoes always wear down on the outsides as I tend to roll onto the outside edge of both feet as I run. I feel as though I am running on air as the cushioning is excellent. In wet conditions they do tend to make a 'slapping' noise along the road but this is a small price to pay for running the distances I like to cover and have no pain afterwards! I would buy these shoes again.
  • You over-pronate, but wear down on the outside edge of the shoes???
  • I agree with Cybill. The Kinsei does seem to work better heavy  neutral runners. The only problem is £130 is an expensive mistake to make. What i can't understand is why you are changing from the Nimbus which is by far a better shoe than the Kinsei image
  • To sensible, thanks for questioning my over pronation, I went to a sports shop a couple of years ago and they did a treadmill check on my running, the young assistant told me I was overpronating!!!! However I have noticed my shoes are worn down considerably on the outsides, perhaps I have been running in the wrong shoes for 2 years!
  • You can heelstrike on the outside of your shoe and still pronate through the gait cycle.

    I think the Kinsey only suits a minority of people, either heavier neutral runner or those with only minimal support needs.  It certainly is NOT a stability shoe.  I test drove the first Kinsey and found it very 'ploppy'...  the sound the heel makes would drive me nuts.

  • Wear on the outside of the heel is fine, the vast majority of runners strike the floor there first. What I was more concerned with was the wear in the forefoot, in terms of where your foot goes after the initial contact?

    Sounds like you need a trip to a specialist shop and get yourself checked out again, just to make sure?

  • Thanks for the advice, am trying so hard to run sub 7 minute miles perhaps a change of shoes will be all I need!! I wish!
  • I tried the women's Kinsei 2 at the Asics store in London and loved it, but couldn't justify spending that much money.  So, after looking around online, I found a website ( that sold the shoe for GBP 97.50 + a 10% off voucher + free shipping, all of which came to about GBP 88.00.  Still quite pricey, but like I said, I loved this shoe. 

     I'm so excited for my new shoes!  

  • I ovepronate and run with orthotic insoles inside my trainers.  I bought a pair of Kensei 2s last month after having a stress fracture while running in Brooks Adrenalines - nice shoes, but I think I wore them out and stopped stretching properly.  I tried some Nike Triax 12s but wasn't getting the cushioning support I needed and could only run 1/2 times a week before some serious shin pain set in.

    Early days with these, I've done 50 miles so far, but no shin problems so far and I feel much more upright when running.  My only gripe is they are a bit heavy, but the cushioning's worth it.

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