Just started my training

three weeks to go, better get on with it, eh?

did 1,000 miles last year and 130 in Jan, then got too stressed up with the schedules.

should be interesting on April 13 - i will take a disposable camera and som emoney for a beer in "the Grapes" pub in Narrow road

Has anyone else done something similarly foolish?


  • Yeah, taking up running in the first place.

    Best take money for lots of beers Wolfy, BTW, didn't you have to pull out last year due to injury??

    Good luck matey, you'll get round
  • hi there WWR where have you been hiding we have not seen you for ages...
  • Yes, cardif marathon, on 2 monthes walk run
  • jenks, swiss

    you doing it this year?

    have been hiding in a swamp of demotivation.

    trying to stick withthe schedules for the fifth year has been a nightmare, so didn't want to get everyone else down with my depression!!
  • Hi Wolf, wondered where you'd been.
    I have a love/hate thing about schedules, can study them for ages, not manage a session & lose total interest. Hence Snoop having to drag sluggish Tiger around Wokingham this Feb.
    Not doing FLM this year, moving house soon. Also the small matter of not getting a ballot place :(
    Will be coming along to noisily cheer on my forum mates. Hope you enjoy the day - certainly loads of beer opportunities!
  • WWR we have been wondering about you on the disappeared thread.
    I suggest you check out the Panic Stations thread- for some top tips.
    You will also need to get an order in on the URWFRC support thread.
    See you there.
  • hi monique

    can't find either darned thread - any ideas??

    tiger - we met at windsor, i remember

    hi again
  • Hi WWR - I'm on for another pint @ the Grapes in Narrow St (one year on!) - watch out for that Tiger (sex on legs!)
  • whatever happened to or something like that is on the Training threads and Panic Stations belongs to Crash Hamster on FLM.
  • Welcome back WWR, you'll get round and have loads of cheers from the URWFRC crew!
  • Snoop ?!!! (Blush ..)
  • WWR - good to see you around again.

    I'll watch out for you and Snoop in Narrow Street but I ought to be there a bit earlier this year.
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