I'm famous!

I'm in New Magazine this week, as it's breast cancer awareness month, looking mightily geeky image

I've also been on a local radio twice in the last 2 weeks, sounding incredibly geeky (I assume, I've not actually listened to it - I'd probably crash).

The moral of the story is - don't tick the 'Yes, I'll do publicity' box when doing a race for a charity. Hehe...


  • What, like rugby? image
  • on page 69 i see well done image

  • I wrote to Jim and asked to play trumpet with Louis Armstrong, I thought it was Kinda cruel my parents didn't mention he was dead!

    Given My DIY SOS experience and the continuing comments I get from clients I'm going nowwhere ner a camera again!

     Well done Nykie on the cause

  • My dog was on Eastenders years ago in a scene in the square when Phil proposed to Cathy (yes that long ago). They used me as an extra while I was there and I got about £90 for me and him just for a day's hanging around and hob nobbing.  

    It was all going really well until I wandered past the veg stall, my handbag hit a pile of boxes, the whole lot collapsed Starsky and Hutch style and a pained voice said over the tannoy "reset supporting cast"!

    They never asked me back.....image

  • kk, I think that some forumites would probably be able to arrange for your mud-fantasy to be staged, rather quickly!!
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    LOL Peedee - that was very cruel!

    Good for you Nykie - the more awareness of this the better.

  • I've been kissed by Jennifer Saunders after a race, so there!
  • I've met Bruce Hockin.
  • Bruce Hockin.
  • Yeah but who is that????

    never heard of the geezer

  • Tut! He used to be an HTV West newsreader... I've also been on the Really Wild Show.
  • .. in your natural habitat?
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