England V Lichtenstein

I'm crap at predictions but I'll say 5-0

I think RichardM is going to the game - anyone else?


  • 0-4 with Terry scoring two past David James!
  • Ha Ha!
  • assuing this is the bag o'sh!te roundball game I predict that I won't be watching it
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    I predict that Emile Heskey will fall over at least 3 times in the first 10 minutes, David James will flap at the 1st corner and that England still won't play anyone left midfield who can stay there & not move inside every bleeding opportunity.
  • Gavo - your miles out!!. Emily will fall over far more than that.
  • Football will be the winner.

    (The exclusion of Joey Cole is a disgrace however.)
  • I predict that Jeffers will always be a big eared, diving cheat.

    And no, I'm not still bitter about last nights game
  • Oh, and England will win 3-0
  • Hey. How dare you suggest Jeffers has got big ears.
  • Sorry didn't mean to be earist
  • It's not very PC now is it?
  • I predict that England will win
    Going out on a limb there even if i say so myself.
  • Oi! Gavo and Gary! Leave r Emile alone! Otherwise I'll send his mum round (and trust me you don't want that!).
  • I've been at the last three games ... Slovakia away and Macedonia and Australia at home and England have been pretty poor in all of them. But SURELY we can beat Liechtenstein. 3 or 4-0 I reckon. Still haven't worked out how to get from Zurich to Vaduz but a plan always presents itself when you least expect it. Leaving on Friday afternoon, if you see a Palace flag I'll be nearby.
  • 2-0 to england
  • 7-0

    I'm feeling foolish!

    (hope you have a good time Richard M)
  • 3-1 to us.. Dyer to score twice.

    Sven to try to pull the wife of the Lichtenstein manager.
  • psychodiscokid - pithy, to the point, and accurate to boot.

    Change your name to psychicdiscokid. You have sight beyond sight. Would love to know your pithy and to-the-point prediction for tonight's game....
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