Hi My Names Nikki. I am 30 and have just started running and going to the gym. I am going to the Gym 3 times a week and running once. I am finding the running very difficult I'm not on my 3rd week and am running for 4 minutes and walking for 2 but am completely exhausted after 6 gos about 2.4 miles. Does it get any easier? Am i cut out for this? Should I be running more often despite hating it.



  • Oh nikki, don't worry! You're doing great! Check out the beginner's guide on this site here:
    and take it easy! First time out, I couldn't do more than two minutes. Yes, it gets easier. Try running three times a week, and build up gently.
  • Hi Nikki

    Sounds like you are doing really, well, I started follwing the beginners wlak run schedule on this site in September, I found it very difficult to run for the two minutes it suggested, to start with.

    I am now running half marathons and feel great, things get far easier.

    A couple of tips that I found very useful at the start, make sure you have a decent pair of running shoes as you can injury yourself very quickly with the wrong shoes.

    Secondly keep a log of what you have done, this is really good for the future, becuase you can look back with pride at what you have achieved to date.

    Good luck and keep going!
  • I started running in January 2001 after missing a bus and deciding I could run the 1.5 miles I was going to travel. I never made it the next bus stop before collapsing in a heap of heaving breathlessness and god did my legs ache the following day.

    Over the next year I gradually built up the staminar running and walking all the time but for the first couple of months just once a week. Then I increased the miles until I eventually entered my first race in the August (FLM 2002) and ran my first race in December a 10 mile race. From here I realised I needed to train properly and started running four times a week building up the miles. I did not know about this site or Runners World and suffered a lot of injuries.

    The marathon went well, I loved it and am totally hooked. At present I am still only running once a week but that one run is now 20 miles, (tomorrow is 22). Won't be long though and I will be back on the roads for proper training and building up the miles for my second marathon the Thanet Coastal in September.

    So you have an advantage being here, make the most of it. Find some running partners and then get out there and tread some tarmac, grass, sand, (far more fun than a Gym)
  • Nikki, welcome to"our"world. First of all, a combination of mild running and walking at first is a good combination. the idea is to build up strength gradually, in your ankles, shins, calf and thigh muscles. If you are going to run properly, i strongly advise you to invest in a pair of decent running shoes by going to a running shop that and if they have a footscan system, all the more better. Try to run outside as well rather than in the gym on the treadmill, as the treadmill's pace is non adjustable to your running speed, hence you maybe out of steam before time and the fact that when you're inside it gets hot and boring. running outside helps your leg development muscles as well as your lungs and stamina, as all roads have different inclines and the fact now that we have beautiful weather, it feels better too! Increase the mileage month by month say from 2m to 3m and also initroduce some kind of a session work i.e sprint or hill climbs with reps. This session helps you with your running speed and efficency. Keep up the good work!
  • Hi Nikki,
    Well I'm really a total beginner, and I'm following a training prog. Couldn't run for a minute without getting terrible aches in my muscles. I've been doing the interval training recommended for the Race For Life, and it really is getting easier. All I can say from experience is take it easy, and don't be afraid to go down a notch if you feel you need to.

  • Hi Nikki,
    I only started running this time last year to train for a Race For Life event in my city but I got hooked. Yes it is a struggle at first and you do get bored and someteimes feel like taking a short cut home if the scenary or weather isnt up to much, but stick with it. Youre doing great.
  • hi nikki, i started running at the end of last year on the treadmill at the gym and was embarrassed at having to go back to walking after less than a minute, two minutes would have made my day, i'm now up to 30-50 mins and sometimes feel that i'm not getting anywhere as i seem to have stuck at this but when i look back just a few short months i realise how far i have come and i am no athlete!!, keep at it and you'll get there - as everyone says make sure you are in the right shoes and take it easy, lastly i find the support of other forumites gets me over the bad days.
  • Nikki - in January (this year) I could not run for half a mile. I am a bit of a gadget man, and hooked into heart rate training. By staying in my training zone I have built up from 3 miles a week, to 22 and feel less knackered now after a 6 mile run, than I did then after 1/2 mile. It's worth looking into.
  • Thanks for all your help and support. It has been very inspiring. I have signed up for another race to keep me going. I still doubt I will ever run a half marathon but you're notes prove its possible. I think I'm starting to realise the truth behind the saying you have to walk before you can run.
  • Hi Nikki, honestly don't worry. A year and a half ago I couldn't run up the hill near where I live without stopping and walking (much to the amusement of my boyfriend at that time). Now I have done a couple of 10k's, a half marathon and am due to do the GNR and the GSR, and want to do the marathon next year. I will never be very fast, but I am a steady plodder, and I love it. It is very addictive.

    I also have to say that the forums on RW are excellent, everyone is very friendly and supportive. There is also a lovely 'plodding' thread that is really useful, especially for beginners like me. Hope you get on ok at your race and enjoy it!
  • I did have one question. I'm not sure about I have a naturally high resting pulse of 95 which has been checked by the doctor and i'm ok. I do wear a heart monitor at the gym, but I'm not sure how high my heart rate should go when I'm out running or at the gym and if its above this should I slow down or carry on.

    Any ideas
  • Hi Nikki, Im a beginner to, Ive only been running properly since christmas as I used t struggle at the gym, then I slowed it right down and went at snails pace for a mile then build up a bit more speed for the next mile, evenually it gets easier, also Ive joined a local club which is great as they pace you so you cant run to fast to soon, it also helps having people to run with and chat then you realise youve run two miles and can still breath. I find running on my own very difficult and often think Im not cut out for running, then you have a good run and realise you can do it, I found my club by asking around and looking on the net, good luck and keep going!
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