Running after lung surgery

I am just back to running 5 weeks after having lung surgery. The chest wounds are sore in the wind or if materials rub on them (especialy loose kit). Any suggestions what to wear?


  • When I had surgery I was told to keep my wounds covered in layers of micro pore tape as this protects and flattens the area.  Because of this you can hardly see my scars now  as they are completely flat. and very thin.  I did have to keep taping for 6 months.

  • Hi - I am a very keen runner and have gone through a series of surgeries in recent years for Bowel cancer. Anyway, the most recent being lung surgery when they took of the entire left lung (pneumonectomy). The surgery was 2 months ago and I have been running as much as I can...the problem is that I have to keep stopping every few hundred yards to let HR go down as it gets to a level where I can’t go on. I have run 5 marathons previously (2 of which after Bowel and liver surgery plus 9 months of chemo and they were ok...3 hours 30 mins). I would love to think that despite only having 1 lung I can do london marathon next year. Anyone got any advice please? Thank you 
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