Phiten Necklaces

Has anyone tried these.  On the front page of Sweatshops website.  Apparently Paula Radcliffe wears them.

I am an advertisers dream.


  • I'd get one - just look what times Paula runs !! image
  • Quack Quack Quack!

    Why oh why does this keep coming up?

    No. They are Silly. You would get faster if you did an extra half-an-hour's training instead of going to Sweatshop to buy one, or spent the money on Yoga classes for injury prevention, and you might not get faster but you would have more fun if you spent it on a night out.

    They are ridiculous money-making junk.
  • Oh DG - you've squashed my dreams of winning London now.  image
  • Dame Pauline will be paid shitloads to promote this pile of mumbo jumbo......

    hang on though - they're titanium aren't they? I know - I'll run London with my Ti bike wrapped round my neck and see what happens.............

  • It's all down to the titanium in them. The titanium normalises the bio-electrical thingies in your body and makes you run faster. 

    I am surprised that Duck Girl didn't know that!

  • but of course Tit anium bikes do no such thing image

    perhaps the necklace just looks nice too?image

  • really i would get one but i am afraid it will jangle against my bio crystal necklace and disturb my chakras.
  • no no they really work they're really good........

    ....what a load of b0ll0cks!

  • pearl necklaces are more fun anyway
  • If you were Paula, wouldn't you be a teensy weensy bit embarrassed to put your name to it?
  • what a pearl necklace?
  • tee hee  image
  • well nothing would surprise me with her after she poo pooed in the street!
  • A nice lady from Sweatshop gave me some free Phiten trial patches (a bit like nicotine patches I think) at a race last weekend. I put them on my sore hip. Still sore.
  • Don't they reverse the polarity of the tachyon burst thingy? It worked for Commander Data anyway.

  • I've got one. I swear by it. It's helped me ever such a lot. It really, really works. And I can't believe that St Paula would EVER endorse something that she didn't truly KNOW was, like, good. Not for ANY amount of money.

    >Runs away sniggering< 

  • Wished I hadn't asked now.  I don't want it F*****g with my Chi. !!!!!!!!!!
  • Too right - it's bad Juju.

    I tried one and it summoned up the spirits of my dead ancestors. They were really pissed off, as you can imagine.
  • Philbert -

     Did the lady from Sweatshop get you to try the e water with the patches? The patches and the e water together work great. I work in a gym and all the PT's and staff use it.

    Go to your local Sweatshop and they should have free demo patches and e water.

  • Yes, of course.  E water - Body lotion containing titanium.  That'll work because everyone knows that titanium is absorbed through the skin.................... or am I talking complete b*ll*cks?

    It doesn't do anything.  It's quack science.  Don't waste your money.

    But, being a reasonable person I'm prepared to admit I'm wrong if someone would like to point me to a scientific research paper that shows that the junk that Phiten sell actually works.

  • No I wasn't offered the E water image 

    Still if something works for you even if it's only the placebo effect then that's fine.

  • I had a necklace when I developed plantar fasciitis and a stress fracture, did nothing for me and in the end i cut it in half just to see what was in it, still looking for the titanium

    However if it works for one then why not have a go, me I just spend my money on physio, rocker boards, resistance tubing etc

    I used to buy clothes before I discovered runningimage

  • Everybody has electricity running through their bodies. Phiten products stabilize that flow of electricity if you're stressed or tired. Titanium emits energy that is effective in controlling the flow of bio-electric current. When this current is stabilized, the muscles relax and blood circulation increases, allowing for easier movement and pain relief. Red blood cells carry oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Their movement is a very important key in making the blood flow. Application of Titanium e-Water Lotion lubricates the red blood cells making movement of the cells easier.For Total Skin Care You can rub Titanium Lotion in the areas that are tired and fatigued such as the shoulders, elbows, and knees. Titanium Lotion penetrates into the skin and relaxes muscles.
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