First Race Nerves

Can anyone give me some advice on first race nerves.


I have been thinking of entering a local race on 11 November at (the Maltby 7 miler).  Ive never ever raced or been to one and am really nervous.


I have been running for sixth months and do 2.5 miles at 7 am either every day or other day, with two days off at the weekend.  I sometimes run 6 miles on a Sunday morning if I have the time.  My pace is approx between a 8 and 9 minute mile.


Im worried it will be full of club runners in their £100 ~+ shoes and technical tees.  I just wear running tights, and cheap but really comfy Asics Blackhawks!! (I can almost hear you cringing). 


I have absoloutely fallen in love with running.  I am 35 and wish I had tried to earlier. 




  • Annette, at that sort of pace firstly you WONT be near the back which is something most people are nervous about.

    Secondly I am a club runner, and tend to wear the club vest and a cheapo pair of shorts from I get as cheap as poss of eBay.

    There will be plenty of other non-club runners there too I assure you...and you will beat some of them too!

    Enter...go on!

    You could also join a club yourself! There is bound to be one around your area that will welcome all abilities. My club for instance has members who are just starting out to people who run ultramarathons.

  • Go Go Go! You'll enjoy it.

    Nothing wrong with club runs, runners, or their shoes. (but once you get wearing tecnical T's you will wonder how you managed without)

    It's not a fashion parade, and no-one seems to see it like that in my experience. Everyone just goes with what works for them. image

  • £100+ trainers.....where!

    All races have a mix of ability and rnage of running gear. Don't worry, just enjoy the race.

  • Annette - here are the results for2006 race.

     Lets say you do 9 min/mi for the 7 finish in about 63 min.....about 30 or so people behind you.

  • Flipping heck - even now I struggle to get to 9min miles for a 10K or anything further - and I've been running for ages and have done a marathon!

    Sounds like you have a natural talent there Annette - now get out there and give it a goimage

  • DO IT!!  You'll wonder why you waited so long to enter one!  I was the most uncompetitive person before I started running but after my first Race for Life which got me into running in the first place, I was determined to be faster the following year (I was by 5 minutes!)

    And now my goal is to beat my last 10k time and sometime in the future I'd like to think I can kick the ass off my half marathon time!

    Why don't you try running with your local club to see if it dispells the £100 trainer myth? 

    Good luck - not that you'll need it with that pace image

  • I did a 9 min mile.

    on it's own.

    Once. Ever.

    I am 11.5 to 12 min mile, and still enjoy club runs. Not bad coming last. You get a lot of support.

  • And just to add I get sooooo nervous before a race especially if I'm doing one on my own.  My legs are like jelly for the first 500m until they've warmed up!
  • Thanks, ill just go for it shall !!
  • Yep....I reckon you should!

    Most people get a little nervous at the start of a race, I was a mess at a 10k a while back (mainly cos I knew I could get a high place....cos it was a slowish field)....but then I wasnt very nervous at a recent ultra.

    Doing more races does help, but the butterflys will still be there!

    Good luck!

  • See if there's a forum for the event on RW and find out what people think of the race and the organisation. Find out about the course route (hills or not?), the organisation - parking - how near, changing, toilets, drinks, post-race stuff. And get some supporters in to at least be at the finish for you even if they can't be there the whole time, very important to have someone there at the end. Use the forum to ask questions of people who have done it before and maybe even find some that will be going your pace and agree to meet up at the start. Always nice to have someone to talk to at the event, even if you only know their forum name. Anyway, have fun. Unless it is a really fast event for whippets, you won't be last!
  • Am posting my cheque today?

     What training would you recommend for 7 miles?  Bearing in mind i do 3.5 miles at 7 am 4-5 days a week.

  • Go for it!  Am a novice 'race runner' - entered my first ever race 3 weeks ago (7.5 miles) and did it in 1hr 14mins.  Was harder that expected but loved every minute of it.  Was on a high for days!  I train 2 or 3 times a week and run between 4 & 6 miles each session. Occasionally I'll run an 8 miler but that the exception rather than the rule.  You have a fast mile time, better than mine!

    Am running my second race this sunday (10k) and hope to do it under the hour, but if I don't, its good experience.  Crowd support is great. You'll meet some really friendly people and its not all flash trainers & shirts. I am totally hooked and you will be too, honestly.  Good luck, just go out and enjoy it.  

  • go for it, i entered my first ever race earlier this year with friends, for one reason or another they all dropped out and there was i on the start line feeling very nervous and a little intimidated all on my own. So off i went and to be honest i really enjoyed myself in the end, i was half way round and feeling like walking away when someone i didn't know ran past slowly, and said "its ok, your doing great, just keep going". Gave me the boost i needed to finish and its a shame but i couldn't find that person again to thank them for their little kindness that meant so much.

  • Hi Annette, Just get out and go!! My first race was the London Marathon in 2005, and believe me, that was much more addictive than a drug! Now if i go through a weekend without a race it feels like I am forgetting something! YOur pace sounds perfectly fine, so DO NOT tuck yourself right in the back and lose the seconds when you try to wade through the much slower runners than you. Join in the middle and go for it!
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