Postal Strike

They don't have to be, as they wrote the rules, and the rules are quite explicit.

But the posties are deliberately interfering with our attempts to get our applications in on time. GB plc is having more public sector strikes than the French at the moment.

How ironic that many people who miss the FLM application will take up the option of running the week before in Paris!


  • I phoned the organisers today and I was told that as long as the entry has been posted before the 19th and has the postal mark to prove it then they will still accept it.

     Posted mine today anyway so am busy praying for a place!

  • That's good news.

    I posted mine last Monday, and as I got back into the car I heard that the postal strike was about to start in the next 30 minutes. All I could do was to look at the post box and hope that 2 weeks was enough time for it to filter through the system.

    I'd previously decided not to send it registered mail, as I'd got plenty of time for it to arrive.

    I shall just wait patiently. I'll try, anyway.

  •   Hi to those just posting there FLM forms back i had a word with the post office ,suggested if worried to put it in special delivery extra £4-25 but will be delt with staight away , worth peace of mind . still may not get in.image
  • That is all well and good, but if the letter is sitting under 2 tonne of other post in a post box somewhere it won't even get out and be postmarked before the 19th...

  • The Post Office must be raking in the cash during the strike, what with all of us posting stuff special delivery. Expect the posties to get a wage cut next, and be forced to do their rounds on a pogo-stick.

    I don't suppose there's any extra leniency for those who are waiting for a GFA entry form to be sent from the FLM people, is there?
  • MtRMtR ✭✭✭

    I shall have to resort to dropping my form off in person on my way to work!

    And special delivery does seem to be the only way to guarantee anything getting through at the moment.

  • Unless it's already languishing in the bottom of the Post Box with mine.
  • The post office wouldn't let me send it special delivery today despite asking.  And I had stuff that I need to send special delivery (Work expense receipts - my company requires these sent special delivery)
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭

    Rachel.. the problem is that SD is a promise/guaranteed service.  As the PO can't guarantee delvery next day at present then they have no choice but to withdraw the service.  Apart from delivering it yourself I would try an independent courier service, i.e. they deliver themselves, not use Royal Mail for the last few miles!  Costly but at least it will get there. 

    I posted mine by 1st class recorded delivery on Mon 1st Oct and it took about a week to get there - cheque cashed today thankfully. 

  • you mentioned your chq has been cashed already ? is this normal. I know last year i paid by chq and next thing i know im getting a fleece through the post.
  • I spoke to FLM today who confirmed that so long as it is post marked before the 19th they will still except it.

    I put mine in today just using the pre-paid envelope.

  • sioux - is that a deliberate error, 4 out of 5 entries will be excepted only one in five is acceptedimage
  • all i can say is if you missed the date you should have posted it before im sure alot of people knew they would like to run so why leave it till the last min????
  • Derv, didn't you know that the last 10% of entries recieved are guaranteed entry?

  • I didn't leave it until the last minute - I posted it a week before the deadline.  Last minute is day before/ day of deadline.  

  • I had to get permission.

    Have you met my wife?


    One year I posted mine after the closing date and still got a place.   

    Reply paid envelopes aren't postmarked so how will they know it was posted in time

  • ahaa good point SHADES...
  • Reply paid envelopes?
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭

    The ballot envelopes are pre-paid Blisters.   We GFA crankies have to provide our own envelope and stamp!

    You must introduce me to the Mrs at County Hall next time, my Mrs (to be) now runs frequently so inspiration may be forthcoming.

  • Looks like i am doomed to be rejected then i applied two days after the entry forms were available . Looks like this will not be my first marathon since 1982 , at least i know  what to do next year image
  • BAR, You're not too late to enter Dartmoor marathon, it's next week. I suspect that you're being kind of hopeful if you wanted to run the one in Leicester tomorrow though.
  • Cheers blisters but i am doing the Coventry half arathon next week .
  • Cheers blisters but i am doing the Coventry half arathon next week .
  • marathon even
  • Have any GFA-ers who left it to the last month had their cheques cashed yet?

  • Mine got cashed today, according to my on line bank account.

  • Despite being sent on the 11/10 recorded 1st class delivery, mine is still languishing in the postal system according to the Royal Mail tracking service. 

    Irritatingly the dvds returned to amazon (non recorded amazon envelope) and the 1st class letter (non recorded) sent on the same day all arrived.

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