Chicago Marathon

I'm running this next month and was just interested to know from anyone who has done it before whether the drinks are given out in bottles. I know this seems sad, but I ran the Florence last year where we just got cups and I had to take a drinks bottle to decant into as I need to drink constantly rather than once every couple of miles.

And what are these Clif shots they give you like?


  • Mike

    Haven't run Chicago but would like to eventually, however I am running Florence this year (24 Nov) how was it? - apart from the drinks that is!!
  • Having done Chicago for the last 2 years, I can inform you that drink comes in cups, sadly, but at about mile 23, they hand out some energy gel sachers, which makes the road sticky for quite a way afterwards. At the end, amongst all the other refreshments, there's a Sam Adams lorry dispensing free beer, also in cups ! Lovely
  • I am running the Chicago on my own and would like to hear from any one else who would like to make contact
  • I can tell you that the Cliff shots are brilliant.They are energy gels and taste fab.My fav was the Chocolate/Coffee flavour.They are easy to open but have recently been discontinued in the UK so you might have some trouble trying them before race day.assuming there is an expo you could always try them a few days before the race although I would agree it is a bit risky .All the best-G
  • You're a bit late Graham!

    I managed to get some sent from the States and have been trying them on my long runs. I agree - they taste far better than anything over here. The M-m-m-m Chocolate is like liquid Cadburies - you'd eat it even if you were a couch potato. Also have a clever mechanism for keeping the ripped top attached to the pack to reduce litter - they think of everything these Yanks!

  • Mike
    Could you let me know where you got your Cliff Gels as i too would like to use them again.
  • I ordered them on line from the link is:


    They were excellent; it arrived about a week after I ordered it. Be careful of customs tax if you order some, though. They scribbled the amount I paid (about 8 dollars) on the envelope and the Royal Mail read it as 28 dollars. After about 17 pounds stirling you get a wacking import tax (about 15 quid), so don't spend too much - or spend a helluvalot to make it worthwhile!
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