Rolling pins?

OK. So on a club run last night i mentioned to somebody that I thought i had the beginnings of shin splints. He recommended seeing a physio in the first instance. then also suggested that i could use a rolling pin to massage my calves as a lot of shin issues were related to calf problems. Well i tried it last anyway but is he mad?


  • Rolling pin??  PMSL...

    I think he means this...

    The Stick

  • Nam - no reason why a rollin pin shoouldnt work as well?
  • mmm.... possibly... the separate spindles on the stick make it easier to direct and target certain bits and angles?  Not sure dough roller would be quite the same but I might try it out on TT's hamstrings....  image
  • Good for ITB as well

    not as directional but same logic

    and if it doesnt work you can beat him with it,  tell him I said so.

  • Welsh Alex lend me his when I was injured and oh my word did it make a difference!!  A lot of the Welshies got theirs at the FLM expo.  I ordered one from the US (which was still cheaper than than the only UK distributor) and I wouldn't want to be without it now.
  • LOL...  image  Yes I'm sure I can think of something that deserves a beating!!  But he'll probably enjoy it! image
  • surely the seperate spindles have gaps which would rip all your leg hair out Nam?

  • LEG HAIR? image

    You think I'm the missing link in disguise or summit??  image

  • I might try it out on TT's hamstrings....  image

    You come near me with a rolling pin and I will...................

  • Come here then if you think you're hard enough! image
  • TT and Nam have left the building everyone...
  • My husband is always rolling around on a rolling pin. Rolls his back and his hips - works for him!
  • Cheers guys and gals. Lots of useful advice. i gave it a go and felt much better the next day so maybe there's something in it?

  • The Stick and other rollers whether foam or a rolling pin will do the trick as they replicate a massage technique. I'm using a foam one for my ITBS.

    A jolly bright orange colour, my roller looks like an innocuous toy that wouldn't be out of place in a kiddies' soft play area. This belies it's real purpose because it unleashes evil on my poor iliotibial band and has me practically weeping on the floor image

  • it's = its
  • Where do you get the foam rollers?
  • I got mine from work but Here has them.

    And Here

    Try ebay too.

  • Cheers, thanks.
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