I've had my trainers for about 9months and they have been brilliant. However tonight I went out for a quick 5 miler and at 3 miles started getting blisters.

It's never happened before and I'm worried cos I've got the Great South Run at the end of the month and don't have time to break in a new pair of trainers.

My old ones were wet from yesterdays run when I put them on. Could this be the reason?

What do people recommend?



  • Hi Cybarev,

    If I were you I would get a pair of twin skin socks. You can get these from any good running shops for about £9. They are two layer socks and come with a promise of "no blisters ever". I have used them for about a year, and have found them to be great, even in marathons. Cheers Steve

  • If they've been fine for the last 9 months, then perhaps they were still a bit damp and this caused some chafing. I usually stick my trainers next to a radiator to dry out with no ill effects.

    Another reason might be that they are worn, and not giving you the necessary support anymore. I believe trainers are good for about 300 miles. Although some people might revise this up or down. It's another possibility to consider but the insole still being damp sounds the more likely culprit to me. image

  • Thanks guys. I think I'll try my trainers over the weekend and if the blisters don't get any better will have to buy myself some new trainers.

    Do you think two weeks is long enough to break in some new trainers?

  • Probably not ideal, but I guess it depends how soft the new trainers are and if you're still getting blisters in the old ones. You could always put some Compeed blister plasters on the vulnerable spots and run with the older pair.
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