Medal Display

I've decided our pile of family medals (& a much more modest pile of trophies)deserve better than lying in a dusty tangled heap. Does anyone know where I can get some sort of 'display cabinet' to give them a more fitting home? What do other people do with theirs?


  • I was thinking that ours would look good in a picture frame, hung on the wall in the downstairs loo, so I was on the lookout for a frame about the right size, either just a frame or containing some seriously ugly picture which I'd discard, then just get some black card as a background.

    I also got race number 1 from an event last year (how ? I know someone has to, but I didn't enter it months early and my name's not Gebreselasie...), so that would frame-up too.

    However, the Wilmslow Half medal is attached to a square lump of polished marble. It's a paperweight !
    Never get that in a picture frame, need to rethink...
  • If you are looking for picture frames for your medals, try our frame builder at where you can select from a range of frames and mount designs.
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