Cardiff 10k

at the weekend! Just wondering who was doing this!


  • I am.

    Altogether now "COME ON 394".
  • What's the course? Does it go via Lloyd george Av?
  • The course is predominantly around the castle, civic buildings and Bute park. It starts by the stadium and ends in the stadium.

    Lloyd George Avenue isn't noted on the map they've given me and I can't find it in my A-Z so it must be a new(ish) place.

    If you are working somewhere or visiting somewhere on the route, tell me where and I'll give you a wave (if I still have the strength).

  • I'll be staying in Lloyd George Av. (Runs parallel with Bute Street
  • Well then the race goes the other way from the city centre. Still, if you can get out of bed by 11.30 you could walk the half mile to the start/finish.

  • I'm sure I can do that! Do you have a club vest?
  • Afraid not, I must remedy this situation.
  • It would appear foolish not to!
  • Yeah well, in the meantime enjoy your visit to the city and remember that Bute Street is a great place for interval training.

    Slow walk home from pub, stop as you are mugged, sprint to chase the blighter, stop as you run around corner to be confronted by his mates, sprint to get away, shuffle into police station, wait to be seen, walk home by dawn!

    Good luck, see you elsewhere,

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