Anyone running for Heart UK?


Wondered if there was anyone else out there with a GB place for FLM 2008.


  • Hi Rosie, I've just been offered a place, and have yet to send my pledge form in. How is your fundraising going?
  • hi, i have a heart uk place but unfortunately i am finding the fundraising very difficult. anyone got any ideas??
  • I have only just started the fundraising.  I have loads of ideas, but not much time to put them into practice!

    How's the training going?

  • my training is going really well. ive got my first half in 2 weeks (city of salisbury) and ive just done the oldbury 10 last week which was great.

    please please share your fundraising ideas. (please feel free to email me)

  • Also running with GB - also worried about fundraising.

  • Hi, I'm also a Heart runner. I had a golden bond place last year and had to raise £2750!, I did manage this by sponsorship, advertising in the local papers, selling the kids toys (well not all of them). I still collected after the event, having to raise such alot of money is daunting but try to not to worry too much. Try a christmas hamper raffle at your place of work/neighbours/ friends, get everyone to donate something to it, most people have a can or bottle of something to donate. If you have kids see if the school will have a non uniform day for you, hope these are good ideas. I still have to do this myself.

    Good luck with training, see you all soon.

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