Differences between TT and Tri bike ?

Hi, my first time posting in the races for nutters section so be gentle image I'm going to enter a Triathlon for the first time at some point next year image 

I used to time trial many moons ago so know how to set up a TT bike image but I'm in the process of building up a bike for Triathlons as a winter project from bits I have hanging about image

But before I start I wondered if anyone else had come from Time Trialing and if so how much did they compromise their position if any, to help with the run ? or should I just stick some aero bars on one of my road bikes for now and see how it goes ? image 

Actually forget that last option as I've got all the bits spread out over the living room floor now image




  • I stuck tri bars on my road bike and hated them - made it all twitchy.  Bought a TT bike and now constantly ride it aero.

    Does riding aero actually compromise your run?

  • Not sure to be honest depends how aero you go I suppose image do people use full on TT bikes in Tri ? if so I'll just use my TT bike image its just in all the Triathlons I've seen, people have been using TT frames but with what seems at first glance to be a much less extreme aero set up with a higher front end and a less extended position ?

    Not sure though image

  • a lot of triathletes use a full TT setup - despite many of them not being able to justify it (all the gear no idea) - it's probably only the top end tri guys, may of whom have come from a good biking background, who'll use the more extreme aero setup. most mortals will have a higher front......

    to a large extent it depends on the course - pretty flat course will suit a TT, hilly course with lots of twists will suit a road bike

    if you can afford it - have both!
  • What distance are you racing ?
  • Cheers buddha image the reason I stopped doing TTs was because at one point nearly all the courses were duel carraigeway death traps image I know thats changed a bit now with more 'sporting' courses springing up image I haven't really looked into what Tri courses are like but if their the former perhaps I'll bin the idea before it starts image

    Not sure what distance yet cougie, I'll have to wait and see what I'm like when I start trying to put them all together image I'll probably start with a sprint and just use a road bike to start with image

    I wouldn't bother building one up but I have so much TT stuff hanging about it seems silly not to use it image

  • I think the answer is you'd be best off building up a TT bike and just go slightly easier to leave a bit for the run - I assume the different positions between Tri and time trialling are mainly people who have the money for a dedicated tri/TT bike but don't spend much time training and don't feel comfortable/safe in a full on time trial position.  
  • Bit of a question for bike experts on the setup front. My bike is currently setup with the bars 135mm below the saddle height, which is quite low considering its a roadbike geometry, and having put a few miles on it, it does feel a little on the low side. That being said it might just be me needing to get used to it.

    What sort of drop do you guys run between bar and saddle heights? The main trouble is that the steerer tube is cut at this level so if I want to raise it it means either getting a new steerer tube grafted onto my forks or an adjustable stem.

    It may be I just need to get used to riding in a more agressive position   

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