going from marathon training to 10k

having just completed my 3rd marathon this year and to be honest not enjoying the last 6 miles 1 little bit I have now decided to drop down to 10k and half training. This I hope will give me 2 things

1) more time for the family

2) A far better speed base if I decide to give it another go in the future.

Ive read so mainy training prog over the last year my mind is a bit confused and most dont decribe where you are starting from. I only run at the moment but happy to ride. Would like to run 3 times a week with a target of 40 mins for 10k my current PB is 44.58. and 1.40 for a half current pb 1.44.32

Any suggestions would be great. Also not sure if 1 long run a month say 15 would be any help for 10ks or any use at all in terms of keeping stamina up

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