I was just wondering being a Guernsey man, If there are any other people on here from the Island. I have not come across anyone In the 18 months I have been coming on here.


  • No, but two good friends live there (Tom & Kirk who just got married).
    Lots of my friends seem to disappear to odd islands, currently Wight, Isle of Man, and Iona.
  • Well at least I have found someone who knows someone over here It's a start. Can I ask where Is lona. 
  • Scotland (west), mostly known for having a religious community on it.
  • Thanks for that, one I have not heard of.
  • Hi Jus

    I'm in Jersey - not much help really ... apart from understanding about the weirdy, small island, living stuff and the cost of getting off the island!

  • My old mate Paul Newman (realy) lives there. Tall Geordie fella with tatoos, goes by the name of Geordie Paul.
  • Hi Hillie,

    It's because of Jersey that I thought I would start this thread, keep seeing the adverts for Jersey half and thought I would give Guernsey a mention. Like you have said It Is good to find someone who under stands Island life and the expense. 

  • It certainly is different living on an these islands - especially when the rest of the world thinks that you must be hugely wealthy because you live in an offshore finance centre (I wish!)

    BTW there's someone on the 'Jersey half' forum thread from guernsey too - called D.S. image

  • Get that all the time when I am away and I mention I live In Guernsey, the old so you must be rich then, no I just work hard.

    So there Is evidence that there Is someone from Guernsey on here then.

  • Looks like I am on my own over here  then. 
  • Hi Jus

     I don't live in Guernsey but I did come over in June to run the half marathon.  Great race, very friendly and brilliant opportunity for a pb.

  • I think that when the RW t shirt comes out it will really help people from these boards identify each other at events - you'll probably find there's loads of you over there.

    I have been over to Guernsey a couple of times and it does seem a much gentler place than Jersey - there doesn't seem to be the same manic-ness.  However, you do seem to be a contender right up there with Jersey on the competition board for how many roads you can have closed at once for longer than a couple of days!

    I don't think you're ever really on your own on these islands!

  • Hi Turbo Tid, Glad that In joyed you stay and you liked are half marathon.

    Hillie I find Jersey a bit more commercialised then Guernsey but you do have lots to offer for a holiday. Yep we are In the same league for the roads they really start taking the urine when It comes to roads closed.        


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