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  • Only you get over-run with nastutiums, Nicko.

    Father in Law heard that co-planting marigold in the toms acted as a sacrificial crop for the whitefly. With all the tomato feed he got a great crop of marigolds.

    Personally, we use those yellow sticky fly papers. They are actually quite useful, especially if you go in and shake the plants, the pests fly up, head for the yellow and GOTCHA.

    Yup catpoo in the potato holes. I send it back to where it came from. If I could stuff it literally then I would. Otherwise it's over the relevant fence.

  • Sadly it's my cats Blisters, but I chuckle at the thought of lfying cat poo, where should I avoid?
  • The face end of the cat is generally OK.

  • Same here, my bliddy cat too. The little fekker image

    If the Nastys are in pots they can be controlled as there not in the open like mine were image.

  • I only just put the rhubarb in and it promptly wilted and died. But a new shoot has emerged - will get some next year I reckon.
  • Advice please. When is the best time to plant french bean seeds directly in the ground? Is it too early or have I missed the boat. I'm looking to plant the taller variety, not the dwarf type.
  • too early for beans straight into the ground - it needs to warm up more yet so more likely May at least depending on where you live. but you can raise them in pots now and plant out when they've hardened off in a cold frame
  • I thought that the only reason we grew runner beans was because the children had already germinated them at school. The logic being that if they had some ownership they **might** even try eating them.

    The first beets are now sowed. I've no intention of eating the beetroots, only harvesting the leaves for salads.

    I also discovered from other sources that chard bolts in year 2, so I've sowed some more of that. Both are in the raised bed, under glass.

    My plan is to raise carrots in a bucket of seed+potting mixed 50/50 with sand. Anyone tried this? Is the soil still likely to be a bit too rich?

  • Not eating your beetroots?- criminal. harvest some when small, don;t even need to peel them. Put in foil with loadsa cloves of garlic and dollop with olive oil and balsamic and bake until tender. Oh boy YUM.

    (It's a Jamie so the proper version will be on the net somewhere.)

    I've got some orange beetroot seeds that I'm going to try this year and Mr FL wants me to grom purple carrots; world gone mad and all that!image

  • I like Jamie's recipes. I've probably got it in a book. I did make bortsch once, and it was a major league panic when everybody believed that they had blood in the urine.
  • My kids love beetroot for that reason, it's when you feed it to other people's sprogs and forget to warn the parents.......!

    BTW Blisters- what were you and your identical twin doing under my toe nail after my HM on Sunday? Just clear off will youimage

  • purple carrots

    did you know that carrots are originally purple and yellow?? the orange variety that we grow and are used to is thought to be a cross between the two but may also be a mutant variety......

    carrot history!
  • I have some seeds for purple & white ones this year

    Anyone lost anything to the recent cold snap?

    My runner bean seeding that I been growing in toilet rolls in the poly tunnel all copped it,sadly.

    Thank you Mr Frost !

  • "Anyone lost anything to the recent cold snap?"

    we had quite a lot of succulent pot plants (aloes, aeonium etc)collected over many years that went west in the hard frosts - great shame but we can start again

  • I must remember to cover over the mesh top panels in my tunnel doors until @ least May time,as it was everything on the top staging by both doors that went west.

    Some of my sweet corns looked liked they had be burnt but they seemed to have revived slightly in the last couple of days.

    My Garlics in the last week have gone on brilliantly ,the bit of extra warmth has made a difference,in particular my elephant garlics,they are now over 12 " tall.

  • Is it me or is gardener's World really sh*te these days?

    Bring back Poshmonty

  • cliff was good

    had a great voice

  • lex lurker. wrote (see)

    cliff was good

    had a great voice

    Yeah like you watched it for his voice Lurky image
  • In the same way as Nicko watches Charlie Dimmock for her tips.
  • Zackly image
  • Speaking of Charlie. My spuds are now in.
  • Mine been in two weeks but no show yet, had to cover with clear plastic so cats can't deposit anything and it's keeping the soil warm.

    Lettuce is starting to show in raised bed image

  • Most of my spuds are in now, will be planting my main crops in a few days. Garlic is just starting to show (after starting again after my disater of planting the full bulb instead of just the clove!! - oops!)

    My broad beans are going mad in the greenhouse, will it be ok to put then out now of leave them a bit longer? 

  • your broad beans should be out - I planted mine in pots last December and they've been out all winter!! if you leave them in the greenhouse too long, they'll go too leggy and won't be able to stand the wind so will need support
  • Thanks Fat Buddha.

    *runs out to get spade*

  • 2nd lot of toms is now showing in pots, beet popping up in raised bed.
  • Toms in the conservatory are in flower.
  • Bliddy hell when did you plant them, December ?

    Peas are popping up in pots in greenhouse too, looks like spring has arrived guys.

  • Back from hols so gardening to start when it stops raining. Have spuds, spring garlic and two sorts of onion sets (slight communication failure with my Dad) so lots to do tomorrow. While we've been away all the leaves have come out and it is very springlike (and wet) here tooimage.

    Isn't that a tad early for toms JB or is it a tactic to avoid blight?

  • I got em in pots from melbicks!

    I won't be putting em out for weeks so they'll be 4 foot tall by then. Crop last year was pretty rubbish though so hoping we do better this year.

    I've got some yellow uns!

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