Mountain bike hols

Am thinking of going on week/2 week mtb hol.  The sort of thing that is on exodus or other travel sites. 

Have never mtb'd but do cycle on road.  If anyone has done that kind of trip, do I need any gear other than the sort of stuff I use on the road bike? 


  • a Mountain bike
  • Where abouts you going cos that would affect what you take ... ie is it at altidude, in a muslim country etc
  • I've done a few foreign MTB trips - Mexico and Thailand with Exodus and Peru with Red Spokes

    generally all you need to take are spares that you'd probably have in the UK although you may not take out on every UK ride

    essentials are:

    multitool with chain breaker (see later)
    pump (and stand pump if you have room in the bag - but check if the trip leaders have one)
    shock pump if you have a gas rear shock
    spare tubes (4x) and patches
    brake pads specific for your brakes (depending on terrain these can wear quickly)
    some spare spokes for your wheels
    cleaning brushes
    chainlinks (I use the connex rapid ones - no need for a chainbreaker then)
    rucsac with drinks bladder
    helmet (no helmet no ride is the usual rule)
    gaffer tape - the MTB ultimate toolkit!

    you might also consider, but non essential:

    spare cleats (if using clipless)
    spare chain
    spare tyre (foldable)
    spare brake and gear cables
    fuel for the drinks bladder
    tube of clothes wash detergent

    bike kit:

    enough for the trip! depending on where you go, there maybe washing facilities (laundry) for overnight cleaning but do expect to end up with minging kit if facilities aren't so good!
    outerwear appropriate to the environment


    get the bike fully serviced before you go and any issues,get them sorted
    bike bag with plenty of bubble wrap and pipe lagging for protection

    probably loads more but most companies will give you a recommended list of what to take - Exodus are very good here

  •  I'll probably hire a bike - given that I dont have one yet. This gives me the chance to try it out 

    Probably somewhere non-muslim - Spain, South Africa look good.  Some altitude but not very high.

  • I lied - Thailand trip was with KE Adventure- if you get their dossier for the Golden Triangle trip, we're in a few of the photos

    brio - hiring MTB's in the UK for overseas trips isn't so easy (they'll kill you with insurance) but many tour organisers have them for hire in country........may not be state of the art but they'll do OK

    companies to check:

    KE Adventure
    Saddle Skedaddle
    Red Spokes (I can't recommend them for various reasons connected with our trip)
  • I thought I'd hire them in the country - that way dont have to ship it.

    Thx for the recomendations

  • I'd also check out the trip rating as these can sometimes be a little misleading and I've known of some trips being a damn sight harder than people have been led to believe - certainly Thailand had some stings on some days.........

    if you're not an experienced MTB'er avoid the hard core trips as they will kill you physically and mentally - look for ones with a mix of road/off road without the big climbs and descents and anything saying lots of "technical singletrack" avoid - that needs experienced MTB skills......
  • MTB holiday.

    come to wales! we use Pounds sterling and have flushing toliets.

    I mean this. have a weekend break in brecon or neath valley. I can give you names for hire of bikes and places to stay.

  • I might do that in the future Tri Taffia, but I would like some sun ...

    I was thinking of the SA one as I can  combine it with a business trip

  • To be sensible for once.

    You don't own a mountain bike, then wish to holiday in a hot place with one.

    try something new but could spoil the entire holiday.

    Like going on a diving holiday without being a diver!

  • we use Pounds sterling and have flushing toliets

    enough reason to go overseas!

    tbh - TT isn't far wrong if you want to get started in MTB'ing as wales has some world class MTB centres as Afan Argoed, Cwmcarn and Coed-y-Brenin
  • Afan Argoed is the mutts nutts.

  • brio - what SA trip is it? - i'd like to check it out
  • I quite liked the look of this one: Cape Epic .  Dates wouldnt be right for me but it looks interesting and is a category C.

  • that looks like a good trip - maybe Cat C is a bit high if you've not been MTBing before but if you're a good road biker and are fit and up for it I don't see a problem - has some nice options as well

    but I'd get some UK experience in 1st into how to handle a MTB as it is different to road biking

    I've heard the SA trails are good but 2 issues have been mentioned - snakes (mainly around the Cape) and thorny shrubs which rip the hell out of you.....
  • I've done exodus cat c walking trips and they are not easy, technical in places, usually you do need some experience, so would agree with fb,

    Exodus are a good company to go with though, have done 3 trips with them

  • Day2 underground biking!

    If I had the cash, that is my holiday sorted. carbon road bike 1st!

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