New Year's Eve in Africa

help, have been on za runners world and can't find the forum to ask where the hell a newly single running woman can go for NY eve? just finished a 10yr relationship and 'our' plan was Mozambique New year, but now I am on own, not going to hire a 4x4 just me, too mechanically challenged for that.....or do i try and find a diving trip/ Sailing..? Hiking? Hide in a game reserve, get drunk in a cave?

Any saffers out there who can help? websites? (will be visting parents for Xmas so will out there anyway) don't care if it is in ZA, Nam, Moz, Zambia, Zim, Madagascar..just anywhere...don't want to land up watching SABC with snoring dad as much as i luv the old codger!!

And please don't say go running... am not forest gump... even if you know of something in Springbok!!! Shout!! tx.. 


  • Hi there, we spent New Year at Krugar, at midnight we were outside under the stars and it was just amazing. Well worth it, best New Year I have spent.
  • A mate of mind spent new year in Malindi in Kenya, resting after an ascent of Kilimanjaro. Met a french girl on the beach on New Years Eve, who was working over there. I was best man at the wedding and they they now have 2 lovely kids!  
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