Why did YOU start running???

I started to loose weight - i lost 4 stone and that is my motivation every morning!!!!


  • I started because...FILL IN GAP
  • orriginally to lose weight so someone i fancied might fancy me ! (i was only 17 )

    now it would be primarily to be healthy, be fitter, feel better about myself oh and manage my weight !

  • Last Christmas,Works night out.

    One of the lads said he fancied running the local half marathon in june-i said i would do it aswell.

    Started off not being able to jog to the end of the road-now nearly 10 months later i've completed a dozen races including 2 half marathonsimage

    Not lost much weight although i've changed shape a little 

  • Started to lose weight
  • watched the great north on tv and thought i could do that so i put my trainers on started running and about 25metres down the road i couldnt breath and had a stich which is when i thought may be i cant do that but i havnt stopped running since apart from this f---ing injury i cant get rid of at the moment  
  • I started because my wife told me to
  • Wanted to lose weight and get fit before a BIG birthday next month.
  • I started running not long after I started walking!

    I ran everywhere as a child and was ok at running at school, X-country, 800m and 1500m mainly.

    Then I stopped. Had a nice long 20 year rest. I started again thinking I couldn't but love it even more now than then!

    I started again because I thought my legs were getting a bit on the wobbly side...!

  • Heavily pregnant stuck in traffic queue watching runners finish the Glasgow Half marathon with their little foil blankets.

    Thought to myself that once my daughter was out - I would be getting myself one of those foil thingies.  That was 2001 and I first did that race in 2003 and every year since.

  • Er no having baby I obviously lost ability to count - 2002 and 2004 silly me.
  • because I didn't think I would be able to

    but it turns out that I can... all be it badly image

  • I started running to get fit for basic training (army) found I could not run every day so got back into swimming and started cycling as well. Before I new It one of my friends had dragged me of to my first tri, all seems so long ago now.
  • kk - LOL

    I started because my habit of eating & drinking whatever I liked whenever I liked started to make me grow sideways when I was 46.  Tried dieting (boring!) so I gave that up & took up running instead.

    Now I eat whatever I like, whenever I like but don't grow sideways!

    Running is also surprisingly interesting & enjoyable at times...

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    At the turn of the millennium 1) I was entering my 40th year 2) my marriage was down the pan 3) I was getting fat and flabby and smoking a lot 4) my father was terminally ill. It was hit the road or hit the bottle. Seven years down the line I'm, erm, seven years older but have lost the fat (yay!), the fags (yay!) the wife (yay!) and my dad (sniff). Mid-life crisis or what?
  • Muttley Im 40 now does this mean I have a lot to look forward to?

    Mid life crisis thats presuming Im half way through my life I

    m gonna live to 80 yay

  • 6 months ago my partner told me he didn't think I would be able to run a half-marathon - I proved him wrong on Sunday when I did it!  So I started running because I am stubborn!
  • To speed up the weight loss - 30 lbs so far (and a few more than that to go...)
  • to do the Great North Run for a medal, a T-shirt and a sense of achievement.

    Intended to stop after one, but found I liked it.

    If someone had told me then (2002) that I'd be as miserable as sin in 2007, because injury would force me to pull out of two half marathons, I'd have laughed.

    As it is I'm closer to crying, but I'll be back in '08

  • Girlfriend did it, and I thought it would be a nice thing to do together.

    I kick her ares at it now.image

  • lol @ kk ...I've actually been chased by dogs, horses and kids on bikes whilst out running.

    I started running to lose weight - just shy of 8 stone and stable for the last year 

    I keep running cause I like the competition in races, and the social aspects of training image

    XL - you'll be back up and running soon - chin up! *still sending the healing vibes your way* 

  • I've always run, from as early as I can remember. When I left school I stopped running competivley and became what would now be a called a "jogger". I returned to competitive running when I returned to the UK in 1996.

  • me too, my Dad was a runner and when I was 11 I asked him one night if I could go too. That was the start, joined a track club at 12, moved into orienteering, then stopped competing for a couple of years during a disastrous first marriage but still kept running. In my mid-twenties having shed the husband, began racing again and have continued to race ever since, have now notched up 38 marathons, 6 Ironman triathlons, countless other races and am entered in my first ever Ultra in early spring (Tring2Town, 3rd Feb 08). Running is part of who I am and what I do - as much a part of me as eating, sleeping, breathing.......am now in my 47th year of running!
  • Said every year I wanted to do the Great North Run (my brother ran the first few when I was just a kid)

    Never in a million years thought I could. Then work colleague suggested I do a Race for Life. Didn't think I'd be able to run 3 miles, but trained anyway.

    Did it, liked it, and with my brain obviously endorphin-addled, announced to all and sundry that the year after I'd do the Great North Run.

    Was no gettin out of it then!
  • I only wanted to do a marathon


  • To help my mates raise money for a very sad cause.
  • Breast cancer runs in my family,by running to keep fit and stay healthy I'm hoping to keep it at bay.........also couldn't afford to go to as many exercise classes as I wanted to,so took up running now I can go when I like and as often as I like!
  • To mend a broken heart.  Tried to replace mental hurt with physical hurt and it worked.  Went out and ran myself out of breath just to get away from pain.  Found I liked the feeling each time I went out ran a little further, Signed up for a race for life and the Great north Run  the rest as they say is history.

  • Stress relief.  The more my marriage fell apart the more I ran.  Like Batmouse said, I was replacing mental pain with physical pain and it helped.  I entered the 5k Race for life and got the bug.  Several 10k's, a couple of sprint tri's later and I'm a total addict now.

    I honestly believe running prevented me sinking into either depression or suffering a total nervous breakdown.

  • Because it was proper exercise. Tried everything else, exercise-wise. Liked being outdoors, getting sweaty and muddy so it seemed natural to do it. Makes you realise how much you love it when you're injured and can't run.

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