G3 January

ok punks, who's up for it this year?

Last year each race sold out and many athletes were dissappointed to not even have a chance of trying to complete a G3. This year again we're restricting numbers to 300 per race, for the 3 different routes, over three different dates [January, February and March]

If you volunteer to marshal for a race you'll get automatic free entry to another G3 - just give me a call to discuss 01483 720 459. Toby


  • Toby, I'll be chuffed if I finish in less than 55 minutes!
  • Have signed up for the series - first time for me.

    How do they compare to the Knacker Cracker?

  • Just signed up for January. Would have done so for all three but have promised to help marshall one in exhange for another go so mail me separately Toby!

    Haven't done knacker cracker, too much moolar for me but G3 is quite challenging.

    Aiming for a PB of course and hope to see a few familiar faces.

    Can't wait to slide about up Martha's Back Passage again.

    I have yet to break 1 hour 10. Need to lose a few pounds methinks.

  • Just started running couple of months ago - must be having mid-life crisis. Only managed first, very flat, 10K event in 48 mins so dread to think what time I'll limp home in this one. Still, local event for me and will help kickstart the NY.
  • I can't manage flat 10K in 48. But stick 15-20 mins on your time anyway as a guesstimate
  • I'm a glutton for punishment, so always do this race. Why run a flat boring 10k?

  • Hello Gareth,

    If this is the same Gareth who taught me EU law, if you havent already I recommend speaking to your colleague Rebecca who taught me business law, for any tips! She did one of the races last year and did it very well!

    If you're doing 10k on the flat in 48 mins you're off to a fine start. But try and do some hill training. Steep hill training. On sand. Seeing as your local, try and train on St. Marthas, the hill itself. Squats and step ups wouldn't go amiss either. Whilst your teaching!?

    You may need cross country running shoes too. Road running shoes will send you sliding and slipping all over the place. Tortoise and Hair running shop at Smithbrook Kilns, Cranleigh is a good place to go. Runners who know what they're talking about will help you there. Rather than blobs who grunt at you in  high street "sport" shops.   

    Rory (No.2 race director)

  • looking forward to this again. Just done the ""hell down south" and ""grim which are not in the same league as the back passage section, pure pain. Going for sub 1 hour this time, 1.04 best out of last years series.  BRING ON THE PAIN!!!
  • Hi Rory, yep this is the same Gareth and I'm still teaching EC law.

    I've had a chat with Rebecca who, scarily, has just made the qualifying time for the elite women section for the London marathon so I won't be using her as a pacemaker.

    I got my road shoes from T and Hare thanks so will go back to them for some cross country shoes. Have started putting hills into my runs though not made a visit to St Marthas yet - next week!

    Cheers and see you at the G3.


  • I just hope that the Tadworth 10 this week is adequate training... Missed the series last year but did a couple in 05 and 06 series when they straddled Christmas. It's a nice trip out!
  • Well, nearly here. My performance will be well off the mark due to cold and general lack of training but don't want to miss it. Weather has been a bit mank so wear your spikes. I am debating going up on the bike and making it a brick session if I feel well enough.

    TH2!!! You in? Look forward to seeing Wozza again and I think RFJ was threatening an appearance?

    I may be wrong but I think Marthas Back Passage turns up in Feb or March.

    Good luck all. 


  • Weather conditions look ideal (not!!) for tomorrow - should be fun!

    Is there somewhere safe to leave a bike if I bike it rather than drive as per the request on the website?

  • Bikes can be chained to the rail next to race HQ.

    Bag drop in the back of my van
    See you all tmrw.

    Please park carefully and tightly


  • Dustboy - I will be there. I have been absent from RW for a long time but thought I should say hello before tomorrow's ordeal. I will be taking this a bit easier than normal as I have the 50m Thames Ultra next weekend and don't want to totally shag my legs. See you at the car park.

    I didn't do Jan last year, so a bit puzzeled by the route map. If I read it correctly we are descending the very slippery slope to the farm very early on. This will be awful in these conditions. After that it looks like the old ' traditional' G3 including the Chantries although I cannot work out which way round we are doing the Chantries section. The 'original' route was stay low going out and then ascend the stairs after the water break and come back on the high path. This year's map suggests that tomorrow is the other way round. Either that or I am mis-reading the whole thing. The good news is that there will be plenty of people in front of me so I wont have to worry about the route!!!

  • No back passage this time...nor the really muddy bridle path to Chilworth!
  • Toby - who are you calling 'punks'?!?!?!?
  • punks. the lot of you crazed runners!

    course: down the slippery slope ot the farm, over st marths, through chantries and return on northside of chantries, over st marths and up white lane

  • Or is it the poor marshalls standing in the rain?

    So Toby, the Chantries section IS the reverse of the oringinal route? We stay high on the way out (and descend the steep stairs at half way) and come back low?

  • I just looked on the site and MBP is on the flythrough. Either way, this is gonna be vile. Take it easy chaps/esses. I nearly always see someone nursing an injury (mainly coz I am near the back just so Toby can insult me).

    Glad you are in for it TH2.

  • Dustboy

    The weather forecast on BBC is good. Sunny , 7 degrees and good visibilty. Raining until 03:00 when Toby will be putting out the marker tape and sunny when we get up at 06:00. What more could you ask for??

    Seriously, I feel for any marshals at this time of year. True stars. I hope that they don't get the shocks in the dark that I had last weekend. Started off down the old railway line from near Shalford to beyond Cranleigh in the dark. I had just crossed the Bramley road and about 300m in I spooked two deer.  I only had a head torch to see with but the noise scared the living daylights out of me!!! Almost packed the run in there and then!

    BTW - isn't 10k a bit short for you these days, dustboy?? I hear rumours of IM, 5k swims and even wearing Pirate kit. What's going on???? 

  • The fly through is wrong for January.

    The last time I spoke to Toby he said that the courses would be the same as the equivalent month's race in 2007. I think the idea is to build a series/allow comparisons of PBs etc.

    I didn't do Jan in 2007 but MBP was only in Feb and March from recollection.

  • I am marshalling Feb. IM is still rumour, just. Did 2.5K pool last night but felt rough or would have gone on. Half IM distance came up in just over 50 mins on a well easy setting 22 stroke lengths. But yes, did 5 tris last year and it's all a bit of a laugh and you can see it all happening from near last place! (My bike is very weak at the moment). Looking for lake based this year mainly as I get quite badly seasick in the sea though I am doing Weymouth and will probably chum for the sharks then.
  • Hmm, looks like I won't make this - have a X-country for the club in the afternoon and it might be a bit tough fitting both in.  Or am I being hopelessly wimpy?
  • Hopelessly wimpy - get down there man!

    This is just a little stroll in the park, perfect warm up for an afternoon race. Uuumh, perhaps not...in fact certainly not. But it would be a shame to miss such a great event.

  • I *knew* someone would say that.  I will think on it - unless someone wants to put in a great time for me to pretend I did!
  • Now Toby....

    A banana?

    I was REALLY looking forward to my Goodness Shake Banana/Chocolate drink and one of those splendid toffee sickly flapjacks. What happened?

    Apart from that, great mornings romp on the "easy" course despite gong off 2 minutes early and me being late again, great to see TH2 again and a few other faces. Odd bottleneck on the way to the farmhouse, never had that before. Bit muddy but softroader shoes coped well at my level.

    See you all in Feb!

    Few March places left, if you haven't tried it, give it a go, fab blast and teh best chips in Surrey after at Newlands Corner Cafe.

  • Great event as always from Toby, Rory and the AAT crew. Good to see you again Dustboy and take care of the cold. You can train if the symptoms are above the throat but take care if they are on your chest - ie, don't train or race. Good to see John Lunt there - sorry that I wanted to run a bit quicker so we couldn't chat on the way round.

    I have run out of superlatives for the G3 events - great event, great course, great marshals, great weather, great organisation. What more could you want? Oh yes, shakes and flapjacks! Nice to have the easiest course first. We can now look forward to the infamous back passage in Feb and March!

    I decided to run a relatively conservative race and walk if my HR ever hit 180bpm. This happened a few times which allowed a few sneaky walk breaks. Despite that the time was ok. Annoying that my laces came undone coming down St Martha's for the last time. I ignored this until I tripped over them just after crossing the road for the last time. I stopped quickly to re-tie them and lost a few seconds. This cost me getting inside 55m which was annoying. Still only a couple of seconds outside according to my watch so not bad for the first VC after Xmas! See you all in  Feb. Thames Ultra 50m marathon next week, so time for some rest!!

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