Bolsover - Mizuno 10K

who is up for this one ? Good race and well organised


  • Posted of entry form early this week.
    Is it a flat course ?, i have heard there is a steep hill in Bolsover.
  • not a flat course but a good testing  one did this last year when i could not get into the percy pud and am doing it this year to see if i can improve on my time
  • just sent entry form in for this one
  • Done this the last 3 years and i'm in for a 4th. I would say it is a PB course but rather exposed so tough if it's windy. I always seem to be doing well on this one but the last 3K peg me back! 
  • Yes last 3K is when it gets hard and the last incline just before you turn into the school is a real tester
  • Did this one last year and up for it again this, don't recall any bad hills, probably comparing it to the Barnsley which fell just before it, same has this year.

    Unable to make Barnsley though so will see how we go. 

  • I've had my entry confirmed so will be there. This has been my PB course since 2001 and this will be my 6th time, all under 40mins so I reckon you could say it's a fast course.
  • I posted my entry off end of October and noticed that the online entry says its full. Is there a chance i wont get in now?

  • I'm in for this one - never run it before but heard it can be a fast one. Did Barnsley again yesterday and enjoyed the hills in that. Hoping for a PB...
  • has any one got there number ?
  • not yet foofighter. maybe theyre waiting til after november 30th (official closing date) before sending them out?
  • FF no number yet.

    My club is organising the race so, i will ask tonight (at the club run) when they will be sending the numbers out.

    I have not run this race before but i hear it is a reasonably flat course with a good chance of a PB.

  • They have sent the numbers and they should be with everyone over the next few days.
  • thanks paul a good course but def not flat
  • Did this in 2005 (admittedly was pig sick with flu type illness) and if its same course I remember it having a fair helping of hills, quite windy with a sneaky little hill at the end up to the finish. Still a good race and well organised.
  • Hi all I look forward to see you all on the 10 k

     Just to let you know I have loaded the run onto this will let you look at the race using Google maps showing the elevation let me know if it is any use to you. 

  • Got my number today.

    FF, i have heard the incline at the end is the toughest bit, with a head wind aswell!

    JP I have checked out the course map you uploaded, thanks.
  • Yes incline at end is tough and i hope the wind is not going to be as bad as it is forcast for the percy pud ,Not got my number yet but still time
  • Still not received my number yet, so hope I'm in.
  • Have you guy's received your number's yet?
  • Have you guy's received your number's yet?
  • No number for me , but Colin assures me he has my entry so not panicking yet.
  • got my number lets hope the weather is fine and not like it has been this weakend  
  • Struggling with a bit of a sore throat and cough at the mo. Hopefully, i will shake it off for sunday... not long to go now!
  • Lowbo, are you still running? Haven't seen you lately.
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