The Mince Pie 10

Are you put off by this race for any reason?
I only ask because entries are well down compared to the previous years.
If there is a reason that you aren't happy about mentioning here please email me at


  • I'm tempted but as I'm a new runner my inspiration comes from putting a medal on at the end.  I know it sounds shallow and daft!
  • Not at all however can I suggest you could enter the race,be presented with a mince pie at the end, take the mince pie home leave it in the airing cupboard a few weeks and when it's gone hard, varnish it, drill a hole in it attach a chain (or ribbon depending on your preference) then wear it proudly.
  • image I like your thinking!  Maybe I just might!
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭

    I'm going to enter this race - having just survived the windiest run I've had since I arrived in Brighton, I think I like the incentive of a mince pie waiting for me at the end (sorry Linnie, but I much prefer mince pies to medals!)

    Can I ask you, Andrew, is it feasible to plan to come down to Seaford from Brighton by public transport on the morning of the race, do the buses/trains etc run early enough to get me there in time for the start of the race? I know I should look this up at some stage but I thought I'd ask while I was here

  • Annajo
    although the race is organised by Seaford striders it takes place at Peacehaven, about 7 miles west (nearer Brighton) of Seaford.
    Can I suggest you google Brighton buses. You should find all you want there.
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    cheers andrew
  • Really like this race , however I'm hoping to run a mara the week before so prob won't be there this year.
  • No problem with the buses from Brighton, I go the other way (from Seaford) but have got there easily on the bus in previous years.

    Not sure why entries are down; it's a great event, and I'd recommend it to anyone. I must put mine in. Maybe you'll get a  post Beachy Head rush.

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    I'd like a medal and a mince pie please image
  • I'm thinking of it, having just done Beachy Head. Maybe the rush starts today?
  • All

     I've done this race for the last 3 years running and i have nothing but praise for both the race and the Excellent way it is organised by the striders.

    I run for the BBC club and we combine with Dulwich runners and bring a coach load of runners down......Andrew we have only just started getting our act together so you may well get a flood of 30-40 entries in the next couple of weeks from the two clubs combined.

     The Mince pie 10M has to be one of the best ways any true runner can spend a Sunday  morning - any one in any doubt should just lace their trainers and do it ....I promise you won't reget it and will go into Xmas with a real sense of achievement.




  • Hello,

    I would also like to do it but was unsure of buses from Brighton but that seems OK. My friend was also going to do it and give me a lift in so we were planning to enter on the day. I'm definitely thinking seriously about it but I'm doing the santa dask 5k the day before and have never run 10 miles in my life so may hold up the marshalls by taking 3 days to complete the course. Although I do love mince pies so that could spur me on to glory.....

  • Can anyone with previous experiance of this race give an indication of how tough it is? 

    The event profile on RW describes this race profile as 'undulating' and the race reports on Seaford Strider's website depict it as 'challenging'; bearing in mind the time of year and location, I have visions of running up a mountain into a force 10...

    As I have already entered this race any reassurance would be appreciated!

  • No mountains, I find the ascents in Saltdean around mile 6 or so quite tough.  I was running near the race route today, and some places were quite muddy.

  • My application is winging its way to you as I type.....
  • I was going to do this one again but something else has come up that w/e now so we will be away.....shame - it's a tough fun one to do - but beware the weather as a howling gale will freeze yer nuts off on the top of the Downs.....

    race profile is "testing undulating" but "challenging" is probably about as good a description as you'll get..........only one really steep hill to go up and that bit's on road - the rest are mainly long offroad drags uphill....and some nice fast downhills
  • Hi,  I am also a new runner and have just done my 1st 10k road run, how much of this run is on the road also can you wear your normal running shoe?  
  • Weather can hardly be worse than it is today. Summoning up courage for an eight mile to Firle Beacon and back.

    I have run it three times in normal shoes. Some of the lanes will be muddy, particularly as we approach Telscombe Tye, but most of the off-road areas drain well. 

  • I've bought some road/trail shoes specially. Wearing them for this race for the first time and never having done 10miles. I think this may be foolish. I'm going to do it anyway. Just praying it's not as horrendously windy as it was today.

    It'll be fun.... it'll be fun.... it'll be fun.....

  • Forecast is not great. Accuweather says: Winds gusting over 80 kph; mostly cloudy with a couple of showers. Winds from the SW at 64 km/h.

    Never mind, only ten miles

  • Well what a tough race ! Whereas last year the weather was perfect, this year it was wet, windy and muddy. Not a day for PB's but thorouhly enjoyable all the same. It was bad enough for the runners but for the marshalls' it must have been even worse !

  • Great Race! Weather was definately four seasons in one day! Marshalls were "fantastic" I thought full of encouragment and near enough one on every turn. The event was well organised but could of done with a bottle of water at 5 miles as the wind had emptied my cup in the gale before it got to my lips...Still will return next year if I can.
  • Endorse all that, especially the marshals. Extra thanks to the one who shouted out our places as we ran past. And there's photos:
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