Has your cheque been cashed ?

Thought I would get in early !!!image


  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭


    You're keen. Well has your cheque been cashed image

  • Ni idea

    as usual I cant rememeber if I bequeathed or not

  • yup - months ago  image

  • When do the cheques get cashed? I forget. Is it the end of October?
  • End Nov innit ? 

  • No it's the 20th October Alex. 


  • If you bequeathed and don't get a place, when do you know that you've been unsuccessful?
  • That soon ! Wow ! 

  • TT - I think you get a copy of the 'didn't get in' magazine in December but I can't quite recall.
  • Mine has been cashed, but then that is for a GFA place.
  • Mine has been cashed too, but then again it was made out to 'Victor Umbogo' and was the £15,000 pre-release fee I have to pay to get my $25,000,000 dollars from the Nigerian State Treasury. 

  • I had a look around some other threads (and some older ones of last year). I think they cash them from 29Oct to 5Nov, something like that, with the bulk going out over the 30th/31st Oct. My obessional checking of statements online will soon begin then...

  • Ah, Autumn..........the leaves turning golden and falling off hte trees, the first Christmas adverts on TV, and the annual "has your  cheque been cashed" forum! 

    Going on the pattern from the last few years.........

    Successful ballot entries seem to have been cashed on the last Friday in October.  If it follows this year, then they'll be cashed this Friday (26th Oct).

    Unsuccessful ballot entries that have bequeathed are cashed a few days later, so probably middle of next week (around 31st Oct).

    Cheques cashed at any other time........no idea!

  • Unless of course they delay it all to allow for entries stuck in the postimage

  • Fingers crossed its this Friday, Ive got loads happening this friday and it would top it off if I seen the cheque come out.

    I suspect yet another year of waiting and waiting to see a debit yet nothing in the end.

  • If you can't bear the waiting to see if your cheque goes out, why don't you bequeath?  That way you know it's going to get cashed!
  • Does anyone still bequeath after last years forum posts????

  • What, you mean the usual paranoid delusions about FLM cashing the cheques and not giving bequeathers entries?  Load of drivel! Loads of bequeathers do get places.

    Personally I bequeath because I reckon there are less and less people bequeathing as you get more and more unsucessful entries, therefore if they divide the pile by the things on the outside of the envelope then me as a 4 times unsucessful bequeather will have more chance than I did as a 1 time unsucessful bequeather and possibly more chance than a 4 times unsucessful none-bequeather.  Even if that's not true, there's still the extra ballot for bequeathers...

  • I didn't bequeath last year and didn't get a place, so I have bequeathed this year.

     I have a gold bond place anyway, and fundraising is well on the way, by christmas I should have my target.image

  • no point in checking my statement as i bequeathed my fee, I'll just have to wait till december when it'll either be the congratulations envelope or a nice new jacket probably 3 sizes too big!
  • the mag came last year at the start of dec, cant remember when but it was before I went on my hols mid dec.

     so it looks like the soonest for cheque cashing will be fri this week although due to teh post strike it might be later. Was it the last fri in oct 2 years ago as well?

  • ive bequeathed 2 years on the trot and not had any luck so this year i havent bequeathed, but generally i think its luck of the draw and what will be will be.For the dissapointment factor i think its better to wait for the mag than to check the bank statement!I just didnt want an xtra large( suppost to be small) jacket again this year.
  • As my hubby wrote the two cheques - one for me and one for him - and then didn't write on the counterfoil which one was which we might have a waiting game because if only one gets cashed we won't know which one it is. 
  • Hellen

    I'm almost certain successful ballot cheques have been cashed on the last Friday in October for the last three years (and probably before then too, but that was before I found this forum!)

    Hopefully, they'll follow the same formula this year!

  • at some point though, those people from the FLM ballot cheque cashing department will find this thread and have a laugh by cashing them in the opposite order!

  • YAY !!!! mines been cashed and I didnt bequeath

    but I DO have a deffered place and it cashed in July !!!image

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