Nike Air Structure Triax 10+

Was looking for some off-road shoes today for cross country, and because I have quite a dodgy running action and collapsed arches I'm quite restricted in my selection. The store I visited recommended the Nike Air Structure Triax 10+, yet every site I've looked at this evening has them listed as ordinary shoes and nobody lists them in the trail or off-road category. So my question is a simple one - is the Nike Air Structure Triax 10+ suitable for cross-country or not?


  • It's a bog standard road shoe with a not terribly aggressive tread pattern. If you are looking for x-counrty I'd go for something else
  • Am probably going to wear mine for Beachy next week but I'd not normally consider wearing them for off-road.

    Being a road runner, I'm no expert on off-road/fell shoes but my understanding is that you don't need the support/cushioning etc that you do in road shoes.

  • There are currently 2 versions of Nike Air Structure Triax 10 on the market. One is a totally standard road shoe. The other has 'Winter' features. This includes a Goretex upper. Now whilst the outsole does not have deep lugs, it has the waffle outsole and a friend has used this shoe on a mixture of terrain (i.e. road, gravel track and sports pitches) whilst I agree it wouldn't cope with ploughed fields, it's fine on standard grass terrain.
  • OK, thanks for that, think I've found the difference - the winter one is the GTX, which isn't the one they recommended.
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