Cold weather gear?

Hi, newbie here image

 I only started running in April & so have only ever run in a t-shirt, shorts & trainers. However, going for my run this morning, I was absolutely FROZEN! & with winter coming, it's only going to get worse, so what do you guys wear during the cold days? Would a normal tracksuit suffice or do you buy specialist gear to help stop chaffing etc...?

(For what it's worth, I try  to run 3 times a week, about 8-9km a time - slowly image)



  • Aldi supermarket do a great range of running gear (running tights, thicker long sleeved tops etc), all at really good prices. You will have to be quick as it goes within a few weeks most years. Also decathalon sports do a great range of long sleeved tops and tights.

  • Cheers HR, I really don't think that I could bring myself to wear tights, I get the mickey taken out of me enough as it is! image 

    I'll definitely check out Aldi for those tops though.

    Would a wooly hat be a good idea?

  • Some of my running friends go for the wooly hat look, I can't wear any hat for more than a couple of miles and just end up having to carry it, but personal choice. Well worth getting a thin pair of gloves as well. Decahalon sport do a great pair for about £4.

     Seriously tights, sound a bit girly I know, but try and find a good manly pair (if there is such a thing), will help keeps muscles warm, and so prevent injury.

  • I go faster on short r*ns, and wear another layer or two, like a sweatshirt, on LSRs if it is cold enough.

    I like it cold.

    But I usually wear a cap - except if it is cloudy and warm.

  • do you add a pipe to that ensemble, Big D?
  • no wonder he stays warm
  • second that H running tights do sound girly but as you said they keep you warm tracky bottoms arnt made for running in so unless you like the feeling of your legs being cold enough to drop off mark stop worying what others think didnt think i would be seen dead in lycra but i would rather be comfy in the winter   
  • It does sound like tights are a good idea, but I have to run past hundreds of kids on their way to school - the amount of abuse I get now will seem like nothing if they see me in a pair of tights !!! image

    Just a thought, could they be worn under a pair of tracksuit bottoms? It wouldn't look so bad then, but would it still be comfortable?

  • Hi,

    I've only just started running too - I'm a girly so clothing needs are a little different, but for running in the cold (which is mostly is when I get up to start my runs anywhere between 4.30am - 5.30am) I wear a thin base layer, a long-sleeve zip up top and a pair or running tights and in current temp's this is absolutely ideal, eg, I feel the cold pinch on starting out but am not freezing my wotsits off, and after an hour's worth of activity, I am wam, but not sweating cobs and feel very comfortable temperature wise.  The exact products I am wearing are (there will be male equivalents I'm sure) - all purchased from Northern Runner in Newcastle Upon Tyne:-

    Gore Running Wear Wind Stopper Tights -

    Odlo Evolution Warm Crew Neck -

    Gore Running Wear Challenger N2S Shirt - 

    I have a hat and some Ronhill gloves but its not cold enough for them yet - I popped them on for my last run but had them off before my first mile.

    I live up North and close to the coast (where it can be well cold!) and plan on running throughout all weathers over the winter - I am therefore considering purchasing some even more hardy clothes that will protect me even more than my current clothing, from the likes of winds and rain etc. I'm looking into

    Gore-Tex Comfort Mapping System Lady Jacket - - well expensive though.

    Sugoi Firewall Tight - 

    On mega cold days, I will wear a base layer, mid layer and outer layer/jacket - I can always strip off and tie my jacket or midlayer round my waist if I get too hot - better to be too hot than freezing and not enjoy the run. 


  • Don't underestimate the importance of a good running cap. I like the Nike running caps. Lightweight and ventilated enough so you don't end up dripping in sweat. Good for this autumn weather when it's a bit chilly but not totally freezing.

    You lose a lot of heat through your head. keep it covered and you'll be surprised how much warmer the rest of your body feels. image And buy some proper running tops. Anything based on cotton will absorb the sweat and you will lose a lot of body temperature as the t-shirt becomes saturated. Kinda like sitting in wet towels after a shower.

    I recently bought some new Ronhill running tights. There is something strangly comfortable about walking around in tight lycra image

  • Cant remember the last time it was cold enough for me to wear tights on a run ?

    Its got to be v cold for me. And hats are good if its really cold, but they dont stay on my head long - as they just get too hot after a while - same with gloves.

    Nice wicking kit is always best - some Helly Hansen tops, or the running kit from Aldi - and  gilets are great too.

  • I've some lined Adidas 'tracksuit pants' that are fine for the arm-up run to circuit training.

    I usually wear Ronhill Tracksters when it's cold, they're not too tight. A Long-sleeved Coolmax top (and a wind-proof) will cope with most UK cold snaps. I wear a baseball cap in the rain/cold, but  a wooly hat would cause me heat stroke!

  • I just bought the Aldi winter kit, the base layer, the longsleeved shirt and the jacket and tights! Very comfortable, they were not expensive either!

    I used them Sunday - burnin a hole in the drawer so had to use them.  did not use the first base layer as it was not cold enough, I also bought running gloves from aldi, and decided that although i kept them on, did not need them after 3.5Km! I had the jacket undone!

    Ignore the kids and run in comfort, and treat yourself to some tights! well worth it!

  • Gloves are a must - Nike do some great running gloves - if your extremities are warm then you'll generally feel fine even with just shorts.

     Tights are great but if you can;t face them again, Nike do some lightweight running trousers made out of microfibre - breathable and light.

    A long sleeve wicking top should be fine on its own - a bit chilly when you start off but you soon warm up! You can always put a light running gilet over the top or another wicking t-shirt - Helly Hansen do great base layers as domany other companies.

     I personally always give a hat a miss - far too warm in this country in the winter for hats for me.

     Thick socks - Thorlos are brilliant.

     And that's about it!!

    PS - I know the Aldi stuff is cheap but i hate it - poorly made, uncomfortable, doens;t last and alot of it looks appalling! Sorry. 

  •  Aldi kit doesnt last ? Not in my experience - the tops shorts and socks keep on going. And they're as comfy as anything else. Whats not to be comfy about a tee shirt or top ?

    Even looking at their new cycling jackets - they're much better than in the past - and look and feel v similar to my own flashy branded jacket.

  • Perhaps it's just my experience of the stuff I've had - i had a zip long sleeve top in which the zip lasted about 2 washes, the wicking tops were really uncomfortable in that the material was just about the nastiest lowest grade of scratchy nylon they could have used, and whilst I'm not a fashion guru, the colours on offer looked like the designer was just coming down offf a bad acid trip.

     Suffice to say, I wasn't impressed! Perhaps they have got their act together this year .

  • Thanks very much for all the replies.

    My local sports shops in south London (JJB, Sportsdirect etc...) seem to be mostly aimed at football & leisure rather than running - although I did pick up a wicking t-shirt during the summer. I'll check out all of your suggestions & with a bit of research, I'll find an outlet selling them.  

  • Have a look a sports shoe unlimited they have loads of running kit, they are on the web and deliver quickly.  Key to staying warm is to be dry so wear no cotton at all as as soon as it is wet you freeze. If you don't want to wear complete tights have you thought about using 3/4 length tights with a pair of normal shorts over the top. This would cover you from "bulging" etc and as quite a few footballers and rugby people where compression undershorts the kids should be used to seeing men in them.  The other option is to run faster they the kids cannot catch you...  I wear full lycra cycling kit when I run as I am practising for a triathlon, so remember you cannot look worse than me...
  • Is this some kind of advert from SSU....? I do believe there are other retailers too.
  • sorry new to this forum thing and had just finnished looking through there cataloge, I'm sure the other retailers are just as good.....
  • He only made reference to one stockist - nowt wrong with that. 

    Thanks for the tip Gareth,


  • Basically what ever keeps you warm dry and happy is waht you need to wear. Or you could try running with a paper bag on your head, then you can't be recognized.

     Just a thought, not many sites on the web have a forum that includes men discussing how much they enjoy wearing lycra and tights!, well not many you'd admit to looking at.

  • The less I can wear the better. It has to be pretty cold before I wear more than shorts and T shirt. In the bleak mid-winter I have a Sub4 thermal top that has built in mits which can be folded back when you get warmed up. Ideal as after a couple of miles I usually get very warm.
  • Thanks very much for all the replies, it's much appreciated.

    In the end, I went to the Decathlon shop at Canada water (that's a huge store) & picked up some of their cold weather gear. I've not heard of the brand before (Kalenji), but it looks OK, but I'll have to wait until it gets a bit colder to try it out. The base layer seems a bit itchy, so I'll probably stick with my Reebok wicking t-shirt but the second layers feel nice & warm. I also picked up a hat & gloves although as many of you have found, I may not need them, but I'll never have the excuse that it's too cold! I bottled it when it came to the tights, hopefully keeping my torso warm will be enough.

     Cheers. image

  • Hi Folks,

    first post on here with a slight question.... Why shorts over lycra tights ? Can't really see the point. ( or is that the issue, visible bits ?).

    Just going to try abit of running as a keep fit for one of my other sports/hobbies and  I would have thought that a pair of lycra shorts under tights would have been a better idea, less chance of chaffing. Either that or a pair of speedos or a thong just to smooth out the relevant bits. Always used to use Bib tights or similar when I was cycling so it's never been much of an issue to me.

    I've got most of the kit I need now, tights n'all.... just need motivation on these dark winters nights.

    I'm sure that I'll get some eventually, especially if I'm able to force myself into water at around 5degC in a force 5 all for a pleasant sail !!!!

    (At least then I'm head to toe in Neopreene, now thats another story image)

    Right, I'll go and read up on walk / run training...image


  • Yes Phil some folks wear shorts over lycra so that no one sees the bits.

    Good luck with the walk/r*n. There are plenty of beginners threads for inspiration here.

  • i just wear the tights. if it's that cold i guess it doesn't matter. plus of course i'm lucky enough to have naturally tiny 'bits'
  • Ronhill Tracksters. Cost £10 and they are brilliant even on the coldest days. Not baggy like tracky bottoms but not skin tight!

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