pain in knee and hip

hi guys.  ive suffered from pain in myknee for 30 years.  i have ridden horses all my life and causes have been put down to fluid onknee, small piece of loose bone and now ITBS. through the horses ive taken a few wacks on my knee including being rolled on.  i no longer ride.  ive run on and off for the past 16 years but now run just to keep fit.  5 years ago i had pf and now wake up with aching stiff feet every morning.  the pain in my knee is there when i get up, walk long distance, run (although its better after a run) and depends on the position i sit in.

three weeks ago after running for about a mile and a half i came home and did my sit ups etc and two days later noticed sharp pain in my hip.  this is worse when i get out of the car, get up from sitting down etc.  i havent run now for nearly three weeks but it seems no better.  i also cracked my coxic (is that the right spelling??) last christmas and am still in pain with that.  I just want to be pain free - can anyone help?

 i have a session with my physio next week but thats the earliest i can get in to see him 


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