hyperstop energy gels

has anyone tried these before and if so where do you get them have tried on the internet cannot get a link to anywhere HELP! would like to use a energy gel whilst doing the gsr any ideas


  • Isnt the GSR a ten miler ?

    You shouldnt need any energy gels to get round a 10 mile race - and I wouldnt try anything new on race day. It could upset your stomach and for no benefit.

    Your body should have enough energy stores for 15 miles or so ?

    How have you got on in your long training runs ?

  • Nick LNick L ✭✭✭

    I'd agree with COugie too on that point - unless there is a need from a diabetic viewpoint?....but not being diabetic I wouldnt know.

  • i have only been training for 7 months and the longest run i have done is 4.71 miles and used lucozade drink but i think i might need something for after the 5 miles any ideas i know to load up on pasta etc for three days prior to this

  • Nick LNick L ✭✭✭

    Kitten.....there really wont be any benefit from taking gels on a 10 mile race, even less so on a shorter distance. ALthough I am guessing that for you at the moment these distacnes are a long way (not trying to sound patronsiing here)....your body is capable of these distances.

    I dont know the 'science' talk to back it up.....but your muscles store carbs which it will then use for fuel for a run. (Glycogen?) With a 'full-tank'....your body should be able to cover about 18-20 miles.....so the reason behind the gels is that you can top the tank up a little if you plan to run over that distance so you dont hit 'the wall'.....when you run out of fuel effectively.

    As long as you eat well before your runs, you should be fine. Anything you consume wont really make any difference as your body has to absorb it etc and also you should have plenty of fuel anyway. If you want to take gels anyway I would say that it would be more of a psychoilogical benefit than physical. But at the end of the day if it works for you, go for it.

    Jelly babies are a suitable alternative.

    I dont tend to take anything other than water on runs of under 15 miles.

  • thanks guys taken your advice on board and will just use my lucozade
  • Good luck with the run.  Theres really no need to take your lucozade with you on shorter runs.  Try leaving it behind and you'll probably find you dont even miss it.
  • As I think Nicholas is saying Hypostop (now Glucogel) is used to treat diabetics having a 'hypo' as in low blood sugars! It tastes horrible! Best gel on the market = torq gel but only use gels 10mins before, during or immediately after a race! But would agree with people above who ask do you need it?

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