returning to work tomorrow

after being runner/triathlete/cyclist and pretty generally fit ( that was over two and a half years ago), I found myself having to use two sticks to even get me out of the chair,  thats before I had my hip resurfaced.       tomorrow I'm returning to my job as a mobile service engineer after not being able to work.   This last month I've pushed myself to my limit to see how the new implant  likes me. walking 3 miles at six in a morning, cycling to the pool, swim a mile followed by a three hour workout at in the gym. I also  climbed snowdon at the weekend.     whats the outcome?????  it's 100% brill. I've  being give a new lease of life.   if you ever come across anyone who needs this op  its well worth having it done.0))))))))


  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Hi Martin, I'm glad that you've now had the op and that everything has gone so well. welcome back to the world of w*rk!
  • Great news Martin - sounds like you're making the most of your "new" life. It's great to hear of someone so enthusiatic to get back to work - good luck image
  • Martin

    I am so delighted to hear that


  • Oh Marty I'm so glad to hear that.  Even tho' you've had a b*gger of a time you've still somehow managed to stay upbeat and cheery so if anyone deserves it you do.

    Good luck tomoz!!!!!!

  • thks guys, I've managed to get the company to book me into a hotel with pool ect for my retraining in north wales. My boss thinks I may create some havoc with the new company recruits ....... true.        still some things never change.:0))))))

    how goes it with u kazz, new job ok?????london marathon next year????XXXX

  • Glad to hear they're looking after you at last - taken them long enough!!  All ok Marty.  Job going ok.  Hard to believe I've been here 3 months already.  Training's been a bit hit and miss thanks to yet more injuries (and continuation of the blister issue) but, that said, I managed to break a 7.5 year half marathon pb at Great Eastern Run.  In a mad moment I signed up for Beachy Head so am off to Eastbourne on Friday.  Could be interesting!!!  Have entered FLM ballot but not fussed if I don't get in.  Certainly won't go for a bond place.  May do another spring mara to replace it if I don't get in.  Am planning on doing Washington mara next October and I may (just may) have a go at an ultra.  And if I can get my bum into gear to learn to ride a bike and swim properly I'd like to have a go at a tri.
  • Thanks for sharing your good news, Martin!image

    Sounds like you've had a hell of a time.  It's always really great to see people being so positive.  Glad you've got a new lease of life and long may it continue!

  • many tks everyone for your support. Its nice to know that there is so many nice people even though we havent met.

    kazz,glad to hear things are ticking over and good luck with all your ventures. you've got the same mad streak in you as I've got so we both need therapy;0))))))

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