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Hi all

I developed a knee pain in my left knee, just after the LMHM and I'm off to see a physio.

This being my first trip, do you have any advice or tips to stop me being screwed to the floor by the physio (financially that is) I know they should not do this (chiropractors do though) all I want is good sound advice not sketchy remarks and come back next week.

Let me know.



  • Dene,

    I am interested to know what problems you have with your knee as I too have a few issues and have not booked into one (Physio) yet. I fear I will have to though... With the FLM nearing, I am scared what they may say!!
  • RRR

    Everything was going fine till I did the London half marathon.

    When I went to do my usual Monday lite 4 miles I had a tightness in my left knee I couldn't seem to shake, thinking this had to do with me running quite hard over the weekend I continued to train. Unfortunalty on the next run the tightness turned to a numb sort of pain behind the knee cap just up from the middle and across to the left (not a rubbing pain, like its been knocked). This again I put down to the amount I was running, however after this run the pain continued and has stayed with me ever since. It hurts when I go up and down stairs, I can't run more than a couple of miles without a great deal of pain. I forgot to take my painkillers the other night for my back, it must have been masking the pain from the knee and it was tearful.

    I've not run now for nearly two weeks and like you I'm concerned about the LFM only being 2 weeks off. I've convinced myself that I've done the hard work my longest running being 20 miles.

    I'll post up what the physio say on Monday and it may be of some help to you and maybe save you a packet.

    I can't imagine them to say you can't do it striaght away they'll make you pay for a couple of visits at least.

    I'm still going to do the LFM though.

    Speak to you later

  • No professional should 'screw you to the floor' in any way, shape or form!

    I think it's a real shame that some runners have a fear of going to the physio. I realise it can be expensive, but the idea is that they will help you achieve your aims and targets, not fight against you.
    Everyone seems to have the idea that the therapist will ban you from training and try and ruin all your hard work, but it doesn't have to be like that!
    Try and find a practitioner whom you can build a relationship of trust and honesty with - if you don't trust them, you aren't going to do what they tell you, and you'll really waste your money. You should feel able to phone and ask for advice and information without obligation and trust that if you do need an appointment, the treatment they give you will make a diference.

    As for the financial side of things, if they're good enough, they won't be in desperate need of the return business, so you'll only get the treatment you really need.

    Good luck
  • SLM

    I must say I was pleasantly surprised, I won't take it all back but surprised yes.


    To keep you further informed of what he said/confirmed.

    1 I should have gone as usual 6 weeks ago and then it wouldn't cost so much and I wouldn't have this will I won't I tension.

    2 After going through my history I eventually got my trousers down and straight away he spotted the fault. For some reason, whether it be my running shoes, style of running etc the small muscle on the inside of my thigh above the knee has stopped working and subsequently become weaker, thereby making the larger quad stronger causing it to pull the knee cap across and sort of out of the tracking system used by the knee cap.

    To make this better he's given me some exercise to start the growth back, all you have to do is stand on the leg with the bad knee and do a 15degree squat, dropping down so the knee just covers your line of sight of the middle toe, then slapping the muscle digging your finger in a shouting at it to make it grow, you can do this bit or not. The reason is the brain needs to be stimulated to make that muscle work again. You do this 3 times with reps of 20.

    And I must say it does seem to work, the pains very much subsided and feels much more relaxed. I'm continuing this till Tuesday then I'll go out for a run and see if there’s any difference.

    I’ve then got to go back for “further assessment” and new exercises.

    He did say that these pads they use in shops are very much a gimmick and not much info can be gleamed from then, i.e. it didn’t show I was flat footed and the shoes given may have made the problem worse. Its strange that I’ve been running for years with shoes off the shelf then I go to a shop with a pad and I’m now injured.

    It may be worth while going to a physio, as there’s so much conflicting advice around. Example I ran 18miles on Saturday with 2 insoles in one shoe cause I heard if your leg is shorter you might need extra support, result pain.

    Hope the above is of some help

  • I am frantically reviewing articles to put my mind at ease. Running has been going well, until recently when I felt a pain in my left knee (just below the knee, slightly off centre to the outside of the knee) whilst doing 8 mile run. Never had any problems with my left, always my right. Painful to run, but really painful a few hours later, walking downstairs, off kerbs etc. After using ice and anti-inflammaory pain gone within 2 days, but paranoid about its return. Marathon so close, can anyone advise. 2 weeks left some people suggest I not run until the day, but seems a big gamble. Seeing pyhsio tomoorrow, but grateful for comments in meantime.
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