Running with Back Pack

Has anyone had the same problem I seem to be having. Recently started to run home from work with a nice new Asics back pack.  The pack is very comfy and doesn't feel particularly heavy but since doing this my right leg has been giving me a real pain!! The calf seems tight and I have pain over my foot.  Just wondering if it could be something to do with the back pack throwing me into a different running position as when I run without it, no problem and the leg doesn't hurt so much.  Anyone else had similar problems?


  • Well last night I ran 9 miles with a water bottle belt, but used a different water bottle to the one the belt came with. I noticed the weight seemed off balance and after 9 miles had bad pains in my right leg, which I believe is due to having a good proportion of what would have been about 750g extra weight over the right hip. Having a full CamelPak weighing 1-1.5kg, but evenly distributed, causes no probs on 20 mile+ runs....
  • I regularly run to work with a backpack.  I always make sure that the waist and chest straps are tight so that the back cannot move about on my back.  I try to keep the pack reasonably evenly balanced, with any heavier items at the bottom.  Never had any problems, and I have done 13 miles like this.
  • i used to run with backpack from work to home and never had a problem - could our backpack running be coinciding with something else that might be triggering the pain? the route for instance? i know i get knee pain when i run only on the right hand side pavement due to the incline of the surface
  • Thanks Guys for the input.  Went a small run this morning - minus backpack - and I noticed that it appears to pull on my calf going uphill.  As the way home from work involves an immediate uphill, have decided that maybe I should walk until I reach the top, then see how that goes.  Either way I won't give up my run home as I enjoy it. Meantime I think I might find a good Sports Therapist to see if there is possibly another cause as I wouldn't want to continue running and injure something even further.
  • 18 miles with full CamelPak today and no sign of the problems/pain I'd got the other day using a belt & water bottle. Agree with DundeeRunner about keeping the straps tight to limit movement of the load.
  • Thanks again for that input - ran home last night and walked the first section which is a steep steep hill with the result I had no pain at all so was very chuffed.
  • on a backpack note.....just wondered which back packs folk recommend for women? My bakc pack isnt right as the sholuder straps are too far apart and it chaffs like billy o.
  • deuter do female-specific packs, you could try googling them?
  • thanks, ill give it ago. image
  • You need to try the packs on for fit - like shoes.  Keep them as light as possible. I just leave shoes in work - and toiletries and stuff. And if you wear 2 or more tops - they rub on each other rather than you.

    I'd go easy on the water too - no real need for lots of it in the british autumn.  

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