loud music in gym

Anyone come across this. Why when taking part in a class do they have to have the music on so loud you can't hear yourself think never mind the instructor. Why?



  • Thing is,do they think it encourages anyone? plus the type of music some of them put on crikey.
  • Well I like it.  Couldn't imagine spin/rpm/pump/combat without loud music.  Can still ear the instructor...  That's what mikes are there for.  If you don't like their music you can always vote with your feet or take an MP3.

  • Have you never seen the film Rocky
  • Yeah but i am talking about you can't hear them talking through the mike because of the loud music.bit of music in the background is ok yeah know ummmm along to as you go
  • It's a gym not a hotel lobby... image
  • yeah a Gym not a disco. you go to train and get fit not get headache
  • I'm with nice legs. I mean Nam. Sorry
  • lol

  • how about if she had stumpy legs.....
  • What really annoys me about gyms is music too loud to hear my MP3 player over. Music in classes is fine: they are designed around it (but good soundproofing is all too rare). There's evidence to suggest that people are most motivated by music they like, which isn't necessarily what others might consider motivating (I effing hate 'Simply the Best'), so policy should be pro-Mp3. Mind you, if music enhances your enjoyment of the gym, you'll be there longer and then people will cancel their memberships cos it's too busy.

    Having worked in a gym, all I can say is spare a thought for the instructors. 8 hours a day, streamed music not of your choosing, repeating several times a day, changed once every 3 months. You could escape it in the staffroom, but that was next to the studio, and used to shake from the music from the classes. The relief of getting into my car to drive home with the archers/Radio 3/glorious silence was indescribable.

  • Raich, next you will be telling us your one of Terry's TOG's

  • in a gym i use they play classical music , and it is quite nice,just loud enough to drown the sound of steroid needles being discarded but nice...
  • exactly raich. thats what i mean too loud to enjoy it
  • Happy - I had to google terry's TOGs to find out what it was, so I think there's hope yet.

  • Raich, what does that say about me then. Maybe I should remember people in glass housed should not throw stones.
  • Perhaps I can make a quest to stop playing that bloody M-People track at every race, cos that's really annoying!
  • OK, whats everyones pet hate song, which is linked to training, running etc ?
  • Running all over the world. Just too obvious
  • M People "What have you done today"

    At every f*cking race!!  *groan*

    It's so RFL... pleeeease...

  • Nothing like a bit of pumping trance or happy hardcore to get you going. IMHO anyway.

    TUNE ! 

  • LOL Alex "happy hardcore" image
  • Bit cheezy but remixes of ....

    Cutting Crew's - "I Just Died In Your Arms" & Foreigner's "Cold as Ice" or any Scooter. Also Ultrasonic, very old skool but still rocks.

    On a trance tip, most Warp Bros,  GMS vs. Cyrus The Virus, 666 - the devil, d-devils - 6th gate and that sort of thing still rule.

    Sorted !

  • Warp Bros & Scooter are genius!  Les Mills have used them loads and loads for RPM chgoreographies.
  • Listen, to the Phatt Bass !!! 

  • Major irritants: Simply the best, We are the champions, M People search for a hero, eye of the tiger. They are all too slow! The gym soundtrack had some real dirgey stuff on it - Back to Black seemed an odd choice.

    Trancey dancey and bloc party for me.

  • queen they seem to play queen alot, we are the champions, another one bites the dust
  • Six centuries ago,
    The last visitor from earth entered my world.
    Now, it’s your turn to feel that pain!
  • when you turn up at tough guy its always led zep
  • Kadoc's 'The Night Train' (Warp Brothers 2004 Remix) is a track we use in spin/rpm but its fab to run to as well.  image

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