loud music in gym



  • ops best change this to the lost in time music forum
  • Oooh, don't get me going.

    Caned and Unable, Blanc & Jones - Cream, Beautiful, Happiness Happening, Push, Out of the Blue, Rank 1 - Airwave, Mauro Picotto (any), Three Drives

    Those were the days image 

  • This is all your fault GJ, see what you have started
  • oooh what about a bit of Brainbug.....

    .....shuffles off to old cd collection

  • Nightmare !  .. was on trainspotting wasn't it. Talking of which makes me think of 'Bedrock, For what you dream of'.


    Lager ! Lager ! Lager ! aka Born Slippy.

  • Alex I think the next social should be a club night image
  • And M-People's "Hero" definetely goes into my Room 101!
  • oooh, M people, lift music in my book. A pale pastiche. 

  • Nam, might have to be the next but one. Xmas 05 we nearly got to a club but Poppy was too plastered and had to be helped home. 

  • anyway i,m off. Got to start preparing the tea
  • Make sure you sing while cooking!
  • At Bath Half they played Queens 'Don't stop me now'..  at least that made me laugh.  That bloody overused MPeople track is just the cheese of cheesyness.
  • i will happy. maybe something uplifting like Bowies  Rock & roll suicide
  • Nam, I will send you a free ticket to MPeoples next gig, call it therapy
  • Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.......  image
  • at harpurs they allways play  sugar babes . bite the bullet...
  • Ohhh  Alex!!!  Another favourite of mine!!! image  Also great to run to....  what minute miling do you reckon that is???  image

  • Gotta be close to the speed of lightimage

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=385luvMXOmU
  • Faster...  Harder....  Scooter....

    *bounce bounce*


  • After a dozen FLM's sick to death of Chariots of Fire. Every expo, every race.... HOwever at Silverstone standing on the grid at the start do like a bit of FLeetwood Mac while getting revved up rarin to go

  • Scooter, love em. The 'Black Lace' of Hardcore image
  • Excellent Nam, do you think the dancers do a bit of running if so where
  • Hate loud music when in the gym.

    Went to a BodyPump session once - and hated it. Totally American. Totally over the top. Nothing to do with correct posture or method just 'do it to the music'. Nearly gagged a couple of times. It was soooooooooooo bad.

    Never again.

  • Fez, that's a shame. Pump if taught well, can be a great workout.

    I've taught it and I'm a stickler for correct technique - work hard, or go home is my style. Because they know what I do for a job I always get questions after class about technique which I'm happy to help with.

    Hate it when instructors americanise it with falseness, so cringeworthy. "Whoo-hoo! you guys are awesome!" image etc. NO NEED!! And don't get me started on how uneducated they are on anatomy...

  • I had a spin class this week at the gym taught by a step instructor.

    She didnt bother with the mike and whacked the volume up on the music so noone stood a chance of hearing her. And instead of having her bike at the front of the class - she had us in a circle  - so if you were alongside her - you couldnt hear what she was doing and you couldnt see what she was doing - genius !  I just did my own thing for 45 mins. 

  • That doesn't surprise me Cougie. Saw a good version of spininng at a conference recently - the participants wore HRMs which were displayed on a screen so everyone could see how hard, or not, their fellow bikers were working. The instructor used it to good effect too, with different coloured zones of intensity. No hiding place!

  • oops, spinning (had wine!)
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