Run or not with SIJ inflammation?

Now I think I might be insane, but I have suffered from this since the beginning of my last pregnancy 2 and half years ago.  The one thing that seems to clear it for the longest seems to be running, but still only for a few days.

 I have only just been diagnosed up to now I just had lower back ache.., and as I am now pregnant again have not been given any real advice on what to do.  More or less put up with it unless it gets much worse then I may get some physio..

So my question is should I stop running, or keep running? Stopping running has not helped in nearly 3 years, whereas running seems to ease the pain.

I only run (jog really) short distances, only a couple of miles, and aim to do that 3 or 4 times a week.

Any advice very welcome.



  • Hi Cathy
    I had terrible sacroiliac joint pain with both my pregnancies.

    It was almost completely fixed by an osteopath - who was very experienced at treating pregnant women. She explained that all 3 pelvic joints loosen in pregnancy but that if one remains stiffer than the others then the pelvis can't flex freely and there is tension and pain - this is a little different to the explanation I've been given by physios.

    If you live near London, then the British School of Osteopathy has a pregnant womens clinic. Otherwise ask around for recommendations for an osteopath - I've found some better than others. My one now has 'magic' hands!

    I meet lots of pregnant women - work as an antenatal teacher - and have seen lots of success with people using osteopathic treatment for this sort of problem. Doesn't always work but is possibly worth a try!

  •  Hi there.    Strengthening your lower abdominals (transversus abdominis) may help. Plus pelvic floor muscle exs. You may find a maternity belt helpful as it gives a little compression around the pelvis. As happyrunning said, the pelvis loosens, due to the pregnancy hormones and you can get too much movement or differences in movement.

    There is a generic term - pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain - for problems around the pelvis during pregnancy. The Association for Chartered Physiotherapists in Women's Health (put ACPWH or the full thing into google) has a section on leaflets. You can download the one on pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain. (Used to be called symphysis pubis dysfunction).Don't think it has much specific on running, but loads of advice for daily life and advice re sources of help and support. Your problem may come under this umbrella term, but you ideally need assessment by a relevant health professional.

    I don't have much experience of osteopathy, and happyrunning has already given details re that. However, physiotherapy can help a lot too. Get your GP to refer you for assessment, the earlier the better really. Core stability exs can really help, plus they will hopefully give loads of advice. Sometimes recruiting lower tummy muscles andglutes when you are running can make things feel more comfy but you really need someone to do a full individual assessment so that advice is specific and right for you.

    Hope you get on okay.

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